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Off-Topic / I'm back!
« on: December 14, 2016, 10:11:42 PM »
After a long break from Social Media, and forums, I have returned to lurk these forums!

Off-Topic / -= 2016 Elections =-
« on: October 05, 2016, 01:15:59 AM »
I'm unaware of the current majority country of this community, just assuming United States. Feel free to apply to this, even if this does not apply to you.

So, to make a long story short, what are your guys' stand point on a candidate? Any idea who you're leaning towards, or idea which candidate is most qualified (lol) to realistically be President.

Off-Topic / why doesn't ulx forums have favicon
« on: September 28, 2016, 11:25:53 AM »
just noticed it. ulx forums doesn't have favicon, but other directories do.

Off-Topic / ULX Name
« on: September 08, 2016, 08:46:17 PM »
Something been on my mind recently. Why, and who decided to name ulx, well... ulx. Why ulysses? Where did the x come from?

Developers Corner / Entites
« on: September 04, 2016, 12:08:56 AM »
Generally I just want to ask if anyone here knows a lot about entities, but I'm sure people will say a lot about that. I myself do not know entities very well, but I will soon have to learn either way. I know server side more then all the other fun stuff. Though, if anyone can assist me with these two things, so I have a better understanding exactly how I want to proceed on my idea, that would be great.

First off I want to be able to press the use key, and then words pop up on said entity saying who owns it. I got as far as to tell me who owns it, but my issue is I don't recall a way to show it up on screen who owns it.
Code: Lua
  1. function ENT:Use( ply, ply2 )
  2.         if SERVER then
  3.                 if ply:IsPlayer() == true then
  4.                         local findplayer = nil
  5.                         for k, v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
  6.                                 if v == self:GetNWEntity( "owner" ) then
  7.                                         findplayer = v
  8.                                 end
  9.                         end
  10.                         if findplayer != nil then
  11.                                 MsgN(findplayer:Name())
  12.                         else
  13.                                 MsgN("World")
  14.                         end
  15.                 end
  16.         end
  17. end

Now the second to last request is I have no clue how to do. I want to be able to hit entity (which is going to be square/rectangle) and where ever I hit it, it makes a small black line at it. I will draw this out on photoshop to show you exactly what I mean.

This is our tree/square

Meet Mr. Crowbar

Mr. Crowbar smacks the tree at said location making a black line all the way through it. This black line is only relative to the amount of damage mr. crowbar did to that object as a whole

As damage increases, and the health decreases as an entire entity, the line gets bigger before reaching 0

Tree them falls apart, becoming two entites

I'm now realizing how difficult this request is becoming.

Off-Topic / Finding if material is used on Garry's Mod map
« on: September 03, 2016, 03:13:32 AM »
I have a new idea for Garry's Mod, that I don't think has been done in a long time now. Though for it to work, I need to be able to search a map to check if it uses a certain material, in this case the grass material.

I really want to try avoid going to facepunch, but if no one is entirely sure, I'd have to. So please stop me from going there :/

Releases / UtimeMOO - Server/Global Edition [v1.01]
« on: August 31, 2016, 09:02:19 PM »
Utime Global/Server Edition

This addon was made for communities with two or more servers. It is meant to replace your current utime, if you are already using one. This addon just adds a secondary section for utime, making it count your time spent on a server differently from how long you spent on a community. The way I explained this may be confusing, so feel free to look at the pictures below.
If you were using any utime that was using SQL, high chance is this addon will be able to communicate with your old table, as long as you set it up correctly.

I am not the original creator of utime, as that is property of ulx. Nor did I create this version of utimeMOO, as the location of original addon can be located here:,5737.0.html
I simply added a new variable for Server and Global.

Please Keep Note:
If you like this addon, I would really appreciate a "Compliment" Karma which is located next to my name. That's how I know you care :)
You must be registered and logged in the ulx forum to see the download link which is found under the preview image

Ulx 3.50+
ULib 2.50+
MySQL Database
PHPMyAdmin (Recommended, but not required)

If you are currently using a utime, you need to delete that utime and replace it with mine, otherwise it will not work. If you are not using any other version of utime, then just place this folder in the addons folder, and edit the sv_utime.lua file located in utimeMOO_SQL/lua/autorun folder. Make sure you edit the DATABASE local variables in the sv_utime.lua to the correct information that relates to your mysql database information. Each server will need it's own SERVER_ID variable changed, so don't just copy and paste the entire folder to the next, as then that defeats the entire purpose of downloading this addon. So make sure to change the SERVER_ID variable to correlate to each and every server you have.

  • Keeps track of players time data for each server, and the entire community as a whole

I made this in about 20 minutes, I didn't entirely test every possible thing I could, seeing as it's a simple and easy addon. It worked on my test servers for an hour, so I don't see anything wrong with it at this time.
The only thing I did notice that I could fix, am just too lazy to find out which variable it is, is when you're aiming at someone and the white menu pops up showing you that players time, it looks like I could move all that text down just a tad to allign everything a little better, but it's not really a bug.


You must be registered and logged in the ulx forum to see the download link which is found under the preview image

General Chat & Help and Support / ulx forum profile picture
« on: August 29, 2016, 07:13:28 PM »
Recently, the photo I used as my profile picture became unavailable (assuming the photo got deleted or something from someones website). Now I try to use a different image, and it doesn't work.


So recently, I had come up with a small issue. I realized that when you add a "RegisterAccess", there is no way to give it a category, so you have to hope they have the custom category already for it to fit into. Otherwise, it will place it in the unregistered(or w/e) category, anyway to go around that?

General Chat & Help and Support / ulx access tag
« on: July 06, 2016, 08:53:00 PM »
I know someone (JamminR) is gonna say, "DIDN'T YOU LOOK AT THE DOCUMENTATION???", the sweety and simple answer is no. I did browse it for about 13 seconds, but as I've mentioned years ago, I hate the documentation site, it is a wonderful and useful piece of helpful technology.

Either way, without wasting more time then I have. When you're giving a group a new permission, i.e. ulx groupallow admin COMMAND ACCESS-TAG, what is access tag even for? My simple minded idea of it is it's just for making self notes of what this does, but at the end of the day I really have no clue what it does after all these years. I always just end up typing the command name twice, like this: ulx groupallow admin "ulx god" "ulx god".

General Chat & Help and Support / ulx menu
« on: January 22, 2016, 01:10:01 AM »
Was on a server today, and for years now since xgui became apart of ulx's life, I had bind f8 "ulx menu" for years now. I haven't played garry's mod in about a year now, and went on some random sandbox server, and noticed they were using one of my plugins (how surprising), so I pressed "f8" and it didn't work. So then I thought to myself, maybe it's not a ulx based server (impossible am i right?), so then I just was like ok w/e. Wasted some more time and then some guy typed !god, and it said the cute little ulx message, and then I was like "OMG", and tried !menu to find out that it was actually a ulx server. So then I pressed "f8" when console open, and it told me "ulx menu" is not a command, why would you guys remove it, and replace it with "xgui". Why not just keep both of the commands???

- - -

ulx menu does work anymore in console, and was replaced with xgui, why though?

Off-Topic / TDM Gamemode by Mr. Apple
« on: May 31, 2015, 01:20:30 PM »
Thank you for checking out this thread, if you have free time, please check this gamemode out, rate up if you can, I'm really trying to get this one out there.

Releases / Workshop Dupe Restrictions & Permissions [1.00v]
« on: May 17, 2015, 09:59:33 PM »
Workshop Dupes Restrictions & Permissions!

This addon restrict workshop dupes from groups you do not want to be able to use workshop!
Please make sure you read this entire thing, OR YOU WILL BE CONFUSED!

Please Keep Note:
If you like this addon, I would really appreciate a "Compliment" Karma which is located next to my name. That's how I know you care :)
You must be registered and logged in the ulx forum to see the download link which is found under the preview image

You must have ULX/ULIB, and the newest versions of them to operate this addon correctly.

Make sure you read this, or this addon will not work at all! I will not help people who do not read. I will also include a readme.txt
[1st] Once you download the zip, you need to unzip it first. Inside there, will be the addon called "workshop_dupe_permissions", just place that in the addons folder.
[2nd] Then, there will be a file called arming.lua, just place that file in this directory, and you need to replace the file that's already in there.
[3rd] Restart your server, and workshop dupes will work for admins as default. You'll be able to change that in the ulx group permissions under Cmds - Apple's Creations

Allows you to block workshop dupes from groups/players you do not want to be able to use it.

If you don't put the arming.lua file where it's supposed to be, it will not work at all.

Permission Screen

Permission Granted

Permission Denied

You must be registered and logged in the ulx forum to see the download link which is found under the preview image

I keep getting this error when trying to search at all, or do anything that involves searching. I can't search the forums, and JamminR will go a-wol if people ask questions without searching, but they can't!!1 :(

No, seriously though, I can't search forums.

Off-Topic / Farewell for now
« on: April 08, 2015, 11:27:24 PM »
Play this while you listen to my little rant/speech, makes my speech sound better and less boring (i was writing while listening to this)

- - - -

Greetings everyone, as most of the known community members know, I am the creator of the very known and used Apple's branded addons (if you use any of the specific ulx addons I made, you know what I mean by branded).

I've decided that Garry's Mod is no longer for me anymore to put effort or too much care into anymore. I do not like where the community of Garry's Mod has turned, and I blame Youtube and uncreative people for that whom had ruined once a very interesting and unique game.

Recently, I had been in a car accident situation, in which I had slight hurt my brain, and ever since then I don't really seem to care about Garry's Mod anymore, and I was having issues developing things, as I couldn't remember how to do certain things, so I got more frustrated, and realized I don't entirely even care about Garry's Mod anymore. After that, I have decided to release all my private sector addons/modules (except one which has sentimental value to me) to this community for the price of "free", or "one positive karam".

I would like to thank you all for helping me, and assisting me through these last few years on Garry's Mod, and making what my addons are now. Without most of you, some of my addons would be lacking things, or not working correctly. As well as I have had a great time here on this create community of ulx. So I believe I have decided to turn the page in this book, and see where I go from here. I may or may not return, can't tell the future, but can tell the present, never know, might get bored and come back trying to be creative.

- - -

Some of my featured addons I'd like to talk about:
My Player Chat Tags, one of the first addons I tinkered with. As we know from a earlier issue this last summer, I had not actually made the original version, but instead remade the original, and added some fine adjustments to my person liking. I then added them to this community for people to download.

Utime Hour Changer, one of my most favorite addons I ever made, never became too popular sadly, though I loved it. When I had first joined Garry's Mod, I joined a spacebuild community server from UK, and it was called SAS (idk what that stood for to this day). They had lots of cool things on that server, and this is actually what inspired me to learn lua.

Autopromote XGUI Version. My good friend had originally made this addon before I even knew what lua really was; Sticky Man helped him personally, and his name was lead4u. It was one of the more interesting addons made for my server, and then released to this community. I remade a few things on it, making it work for the newer xgui versions that came out, as lead4u quit garry's mod and lua all together.

Set Player Spawn Points.. this thing is a living nightmare, and I still don't even entirely understand how it really works because of Vectors, and all that other stuff. I won't forget this, because I spent months trying to get it to work correctly, seeing as the wiki and other garry's mod sources are not entirely helpful some of the time. Though MrPresident and JamminR helped me fix it, so thanks guys.

Well, I guess that's it, cya.

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