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Content of this thread:

  • What's Stardust Networks?
  • Our Clonewars server
  • Recruitment
What's Stardust Networks?

Stardust Networks is a beginning server community on Garry's Mod. We focus mainly on roleplay servers on Garry's Mod. We will try and make all our servers serious roleplay so players can have the best roleplaying experience on our servers.

Our Clonewars server

We are currently making a Star Wars phase 2 Clonewars server, with a lot of content for you to enjoy. We are still in development right now. (See the recruitment section of this thread for more details.) Me (GamingBanana) the founder of the community and the owner (Hagrid/Yob) have roleplayed for years and we have observed other Star Wars CW servers. We now are making our own server and try and fill in the gaps the other servers haven't filled yet. We will do daily events, giveaways and try to enforce the roleplay as much as we can and will to try and give you the feeling you're in the Star Wars universe. We will also do some Fleet and commander tryouts at the beginning. All the Fleet, commanders, staff members will be noted on a spreadsheet so we can track activity, warnings and more so commanders don't randomly disappear into the horizon and to guarantee there will be no dead regiments.

Our current regiments are:
  • 501st
  • 212th
  • 107th
  • Shadow Troopers
  • Clone Guards
  • Clone Engineers
  • DOOM
  • Green Company
  • Republic Commando's
  • Advanced Recon Commando's
And the Jedi's and Clone Troopers of course, but these are always included.

We are hoping to create a serious roleplay, but also a fun Clonewars server to play.


We are still looking for developers, staff members and commanders to create this awesome server.
You can contact me, GamingBanana8, by messaging me on Steam that you want to join. Here's my Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/gamingbanana8.

That's all I have to say. I hope that we can create a great server community!

Kind regards,

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