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Daily server restarter


First of all it is not a real Restarter, it just stops the server you need an external script to automaticly restart it after my script stopped your server!

Link to the Addon: https://github.com/captain1242/LUA-Codes/tree/master/GMod%20Addons/server_auto_restarter


This script Automaticly restarts your server every day at local 3 o'clock AM. It "annoys" you with Messages 1 Hour, 30 Minutes, 15 Minutes, 10 Minutes and 5-1 Minutes before the restart then it Kicks all players with reason:
"Server Restart! \nTry connecting in 5 Minutes! \nIf the server isn't online then \nplease contact an Admin!"

It also adds serval In-Game commands and Permissions to those commands ( Warning you need ULX )

Commands are:

In Game:
!restart - Restarts server Instantly
!rs menu - Opens the RestartSystem Menu
!rs abort - Disables Auto Restart
!rs autorestart - Enables Auto Restart

Server Console:
autorestart_abort - Disables Auto Restart
autorestart_restart - Enables Auto Restart

If you want to change anything on it such as Restart time or "annoying" messages feel free to modify the code.

Why I made this script? Well one of my servers beginns to lag due to serval internet updates of scripts like VCmod so I need to restart the server every day but I am too lazy to do that manually so I made this script real quick

Caustic Soda-Senpai:

Well yours does something I wanted to implement .. currently it Does just: Restart at 3:00 AM with warnings and an in game Restart Command .. I just made it cause I am Lazy AF XD I was even so lazy I didn't searched if someone done something simelar

Do I have to worry about players having access to these commands?

Well, would you want random players to be able to shutdown or cancel shutdown?
It's for superadmin by default.


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