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Solar Gaming Roleplay | Lawless | Serious | Unique Roleplay
« on: April 16, 2017, 12:42:04 PM »
Hello DarkRP community, I am Jkarateking and I am the owner of Solar Gaming Roleplay. Just released, Solar is a server that is inspired by the concept of LawlessRP.

Server Name: Solar Gaming Roleplay | Lawless | Serious | Unique Roleplay
Forums: http://solargaming.mistforums.com/

When you first join Solar, you are asked to create your own character and make a roleplay name. After completing character creation, you will be free to navigate the city and pursue your career. Solar is different to most servers as it doesn't have jobs like gangster, thief, hitman, gun dealer e.t.c. All criminal and civilian activities are done as citizen. Want to be a criminal? Well then buy a gun and other items and be a criminal. Want to be a gun dealer? Well then buy materials and make guns to sell to people. Want to be a hitman? Well then get people to give you money to kill someone. As a citizen, you have freedom to do what you want.

In Solar, we don't have crappy rules like FearRP or NLR. It is a lot more fun raiding a house if you have to watch your back to make sure the person doesn't come back and kill you. There is also no rule against Citizens FailRPing because they can't FailRP as they are creating their own roleplay.

On Solar, we don't have adverting when you are mugging someone or raiding a house. I don't know why most servers have adverting as in real life who would advert that they were committing illegal actions?

In Solar, roleplay is controlled by the police and not by admins. If you kill someone, you risk getting arrested or getting into trouble with the police. The most annoying thing about most DarkRP servers is killing one person and then spending the next five minutes on a roof with an admin explaining why you killed them. Admins will only get involved if you are ruining the roleplay experience of other players by MassRDMing or Spawn Killing.

On Solar, we have numerous addons installed to keep players entertained. I would list them all here but I know that the amount of addons a server has is not an indication of whether you should join or whether you would enjoy the server so I will only mention some highlights:

  • We have a Payday bank robbery system where players will have to find a way past the security systems before drilling into the safes to steal money.

  • We have a detective addon where detectives can investigate crime scenes to identify the murderer.

  • We also have a raid hook where SWAT can scale up buildings and infilitrate the building through the windows.

  • Plus other addons that will help to keep you entertained while you play on our server.

I will be listening to player feedback to identify what needs to be changed or added to the server to make it a more enjoyable experience for players so feel free to make suggestions. I hope you enjoy the server that I have put together for you all :D
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