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[ENG] MaskedisRight Official Deathrun || FASTDL *BETA*
« on: April 24, 2017, 08:11:31 AM »
MaskedisRight Official Deathrun

Server Information

Server Description

MaskedisRight Official Deathrun, is a new server that's been up for a 1 day right now it's going good.
we offer you a friendly staff and you to play and enjoy your time anytime!
All staff are always active and are enjoying playing in the server.
So far i know i planning to keep the server alive for a long period of time.
Adding new stuff is what i like so you can always suggest new stuff for the server in the suggestion section on our forums
when that's up i'm stil working on that.
We also have a discord where you can talk with your friends and have fun.

Server Addons

  • Pointshop2:
  • Roll The dice:
  • Thirdperson:
  • Donation System: Coming soon.
  • Vip System: Coming soon
  • Gambling system: Coming soon
  • Utime:
  • Player ranks system "Will be listed on the forums when that's up. ":
    There is way more addons find it out in game.
Server Staff Ranks

  • Tmod: ((Trial Moderator Try out as a staff Member ))
  • Moderator: (( Completed Try out Official Staff Member))
  • Admin: (( Looks over Trial Moderator's))
  • SeniorAdmin: (( Looks over Trial Moderators / Moderators))
  • SuperAdmin: (( Looks over Trial Moderators / Moderators / Admins
  • Owner: ((Looks over Admins / HeadAdmins / SuperAdmins))
Server VIP Ranks

  • Supporter:(( Ability to some cool commands, find it out on the forums. ))
  • Gold VIP:(( Ability to some cool ULX commands, " Example: !votekick "  find it out on the forums for more. ))
  • Platinum VIP:(( Ability to some cool ULX commands, " Example: !voteban "  find it out on the forums for more. ))
See you in the server !
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