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Converting users.txt to SQL Data
« on: January 07, 2018, 02:41:53 AM »
Hi ya'll.

I've recently taken interest in MrPresident's ULib MySQL Authentication method which overrides the save and load functions which instead of loading and saving users to the users.txt file, it will save and load them from an external database.

Original post by MrPresident can be found here:

I own a large community which has a users.txt file filled with over 50,000 lines. When a user connects to the server, is promoted to a rank or demoted from a rank the server experiences a second or two of lag. I am interested to find out if it would be possible to convert all the user data located in the users.txt file to the external database which my server is loading and saving player data to and from as I cannot afford to re-promote all the users which have connected to the server to their staff ranks and donation ranks again.

Anyone which may be able to assist, feel free to place a comment.

Edit: Issue resolved, discard.


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