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Twenty Thirty Zero

We hope to create a more community based experience. For we are not like other servers.
( p.s. we are looking for more staff )

If you have how on most servers you can drop $10 and get overpowered jobs? And do you hate how in order to get anything nice you have to drop $20 on in game money?
Well say no more! T.T.Z. Brings you a more fair way to player PoliceRP, we will never make you pay for something overpowered or insane. We still have donations, however they are for extra custom jobs and funny weapons. Like Vapes and Knives.

Police Department

Each Police Officer applies VIA Discord. And is required to have the rank of Trial Civilian. After the application is accepted you pass an interview. Once you have your interview passed you get to move onto training.
Trainings are held everysingle day by an FTO. You review pull over procedures, and shooter trainings. Plus a ton of other stuff.

Anyways if you are doubting this then you will just have to come and join us! We need a playerbase and would really love it if we could finally have a real serious roleplayer community here in garrysmod. I swear it really pisses me off to have all of these people labeling there servers as unique or realistic. But really we want to make a community similar to DOJRP.

About the Owner :

I started playing garrysmod PoliceRP a few years ago. I joined this server called "FastRP" A toxic owner BOB and even more toxic players. But it was still fun. The server was later shutdown however that didnt stop me. I created a server "Department of Rockford" which was a minor success. We never really got big but at least we had some regular players! FastRP later came back on for a few months but then shut down again. I stopped playing Gmod altogether after than...

Two months later I started watching  videos about a growing game called "FiveM" which I quickly jumped on. I started playing on a serious server "New Jersey State RP" Which had tons of custom content and a great caring community.

I really hope you guys have a good time here

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Server IP?

Please don't just link to a discord. Give us the connection info to your server.