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SleekGamers.com Jailbreak
« on: May 30, 2021, 04:53:16 PM »
Come join us for a fun and original Jailbreak experience on Garry's Mod! We are no newcomers to the ULX admin mod, we have been using it since we started our first server in 2014 and we continue to use it to this day.
  • How often the server is up: Always
  • Server homepage: https://www.sleekgamers.com
  • IP address (of course!): steam://connect/jb.sleekgamers/com
  • Max slots, reserved slots: 50 slots, 0 reserved
  • Are you accepting new admins/moderators? We are accepting first time moderators, and after examination they may be promoted to admins.
  • A list of addons on the server: CS:S Alternatives on M9K Base, ULX AWarns, PointShop v1, ULib, ULX, and many more custom scripts that we wrote ourselves!
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