Author Topic: Need help uninstalling workshop version. (More Complicated than you might think)  (Read 1817 times)

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I've tried unsubscribing from ULX on the Steam Workshop after having accidentally installing it as part of a server's content pack, but it's been about a a week since I've uninstalled ULX and it still appears to be mounted to Garry's Mod. I just want it to go away!

How can I uninstall this in a way that it never comes back, because I really don't need an administration tool for Singleplayer.

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Close gmod

unsub from ULX and ULib

go into garrysmod/addons and delete the .gma files for them if they're still there (shouldn't be)

delete garrysmod/data/ulx and garrysmod/data/ulib if you want to completely trash the install

make sure you don't have a non-workshop version installed too.. look for ulx or ulib folders in your addons folder.

restart gmod.

If you still have ULX loading after that... I don't even know.