Author Topic: My Server Called Original Gamers. (DeathRun)  (Read 691 times)

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My Server Called Original Gamers. (DeathRun)
« on: November 09, 2021, 08:55:57 AM »
original gamers deathrun server! I made this yesterday but im trying to advertise it as much as possible.

I want to make the best server fit for everyone not too strict but still alright with rules. i am still adding new things to it and it would be great if anyone can suggest anything! I will create a discord server soon. P.S I made the serve yesterday haha please join. much appreciated thank you. Discord:

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Re: My Server Called Original Gamers. (DeathRun)
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2021, 06:38:49 PM »
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