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<Wolf Network>|EmpirevsRebelsRP|PVP|New|Need CMDRs/Members
« on: December 11, 2021, 08:44:20 PM »

Hello, we are a new SWRP server in the imperial era. We are here to offer you an experience that seems to be lacking in the SWRP community, a player vs player empire vs rebels rp server. The main idea behind this server is that players on both the empire and the rebels side of the conflict will be able to fight against each other for the control of the planets surface of Lothal. We will also have operations where members of the rebel alliance can fight against the empire to either defend or attack a specific point from the imperial forces. Likewise imperial armed forces will be able to do the same during events and during normal non-event times. Added into this is an element of roleplay on either side. Use your cunning as a true rebel soldier to scout out places for your fellow rebels to attack and control in the city limits, try to sneak into the base, etc. Imperial players will be able to do the same, which side will you fight for? Which side will become victorious? Only you can decide that.

What we Offer
- A new community that is welcoming to you and all players who choose to check us out
- A Dedicated and organized staff team who will be non-biased when handling issues in server and on discord.
- Player vs Player battles between imperial forces and the rebel alliance
-  Semi-Serious roleplay
- Jobs on both sides that are balanced for both pvp and rp.

Position Openings
All command and staff team positions are open for those who are interested in becoming commanders on either side of the war as well as staff team. Please check out our discord to see available staff openings and open command positions that are available to apply as.

Final Thoughts
We thank you for reading this message and we hope that you will check us out if you are interested.
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/BSUyeTBjPa