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Project Eclipse ImperialRP
« on: April 25, 2022, 03:42:39 PM »
__Project Eclipse ImperialRP__

We are a Star WarsRP that sets ourselves in about 2 BBY which is the Imperial Era or the Galactic Empire period of ruling the galaxy. We are a community made by gamers for gamers, we at Project Eclipse want each and every players to have a great experience on our server.  To do this we have weekly community meetings and make sure to listen to everyone's opinions to make the best possible experience for everyone. If you are interested in a fun server that cares about their players feel free to hop on ours! Project Eclipse has released and we are currently working on reducing content pack size and implementing amazing new & fun addons!

- Custom WiltOS for Inquisitors/Sith & Troopers
- Free Inquisitor
- Custom Lore mixed in with legends lore
- Lots of Diverse specializations for players to play as
- Quest System
- Hidden Cameras & CCTVs
- Deathscreens
- Active & Friendly Community
- Custom Content that is being developed in the likes of our players
- Custom Forums & Website
- Active Playerbase
- Invitation Rewards
- Daily Events
- Daily Rewards
- Active Staff
- Weekly Giveaways
- FastDL
- Multiple addons to assist with roleplay
- Many types of RP such as: Engineering, ISB [Torture, Interrogation, Hacking, etc.] and much more!
- Lots of ways to make in game money that can be transferred into store credit
- Customizable TFA Weapons
- Awesome Models
- Lots of different groups to play as such as:
Shadowtroopers [Lore Style so specialized stormtroopers instead of special forces]
Scout Troopers
Shock Troopers
Engineering Corps
Custom Lore Special Forces named: Phantomtroopers
Imperial Navy
Starfighter Corps
Inquisitorius [Legends Style]
Shadow Guard

Important Info
Connect: steam://connect/