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Utrium | ImperialRP
« on: June 03, 2022, 02:32:52 AM »

A new ImperialRP server that needs you to form its shape! There are not set standards yet except for things said below. Help me to together create the ImperialRP people have always been waiting for. Don't worry about content, I have got it covered. This server is still in development so there is enough time to all get it ready for the grand opening. Currently looking for a team of people to fill in various positions:

  • Commander positions available
  • Naval positions available
  • Event planner positions available
  • Staff positions available (including Head of Staff)

What does my ImperialRP offer:

  • Is completely run non-profit, so every regiment is joinable without spending a dime of your money in real life.
  • There is no ISB regiment. I think the Navy is the leader on the ship and people dislike being bossed around by government agents continously that are technically guests on a Star Destroyer.
  • Meeting Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine is a very special occasion, since they're stationed on the Death Star and not on a Star Destroyer. This means you will only see them in events being played by other players and not some elitist staff.
  • We've got an efficient ranking system in place. It makes sure you as a player can promote and demote your own troopers, without help from a staffmember. There is still a whitelist in place, but there are much less jobs required since we've basically split a regiment up in 3 kinds of troopers.
  • We've got a wide variety of interactable elements installed on the map including keypads, a working hyperspace system, a visitable Death Star on the same map as the Star Destroyer and much more!
  • Commanders have the freedom of running their regiment how they like. This includes running their own Discord server, building their own bunks and making their own spreedsheat and documents.

And more to come obviously, but I'm focusing on server development and staff/role recruitment at the moment. If you are interested, visit:


https://utriumcommunity.noclip.me/ (will be utrium.xyz very soon)