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Welcome to The Cube Roleplay
 We introduce a new custom darkrp based gamemode called "The Cube RP" its based on the 1997 movie called "The Cube", which consists of a group of people who get chosen to be placed inside the cube & whoever makes it out alive . Wins.  You're trapped in a bizarre and deadly labyrinth of cube-shaped rooms which you must navigate your way out of. But you must watch out for the boobie traps in some of the rooms! Once escaped from the Cube, you can then become a "Cube Foundation Guard" or "Administrator" or "Resistance Fighter" or a "Experimental monster".


Your job is to run the foundation & keep things in order, manage your guards / agents. Take in patients from The Cube to conduct experiments on them.

Cube Foundation Guards/Agents
The Guards / Agents both have kinda different roles. Agents can enter the cube via matrix through a SWEP called S.E.E. which they spawn with. This allows them to fly into the cube with wallhacks to see where everybody is. They are also invisible & godded while in this mode. Guards assist the Administrator in any activities he decides todo. Also while guarding the outside of the cube from Resistance fighters or Monsters.

These people are fighting & constantly trying to save the people trapped inside of the cube. They spawn outside near he entrance of the cube. While playing this job you can attack the foundation guards / assassinate the administrator.

Experimental Monsters
These are the creatures which the patients will turn into, if captured by the Administrator or Agents. You can also become them after you escape the cube a certain amount of times.
These monsters job is to attack / invade the cube foundation & eat the patients.

Come check us out!


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