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Project: Indigo

-= Are you tired of what CWRP has become? Want to go back in time and experience the laid-back, fun roleplay you experienced years ago? Look no further than Project: Indigo. =-

Our founders, who each bolster 7+ years of experience managing and developing servers, created this server in hopes of revitalizing the CloneWarsRP gamemode and recreating the memories of past years while creating a friend-filled community. Listed below is what we have to offer.


- Polite, respectful, and experienced management and development teams who prioritize the community's voice above all else and listen to feedback to balance weapons, vehicles, and battalions.

- Creative event coordinators who push Garry's Mod storytelling in new and interesting directions.

- Community-driven focus, ensuring that all members of the community, not just staff, have a voice in the direction of the server.

- Many open positions, allowing members to grow and achieve new heights freely and without unhealthy competition.

- A fully integrated ranking system with automatic keycard clearance level updates, allowing for seamless roleplay.

- No Jedi ranks, allowing for a truly non-pay-to-win CloneWarsRP.

- An active and dedicated development team, working behind the scenes to implement new content that the community suggests.

- Custom scripts, fully funded by the founders to create a polished and enjoyable experience.

- Limited battalions which allow everyone to feel as if they have a place and purpose both on-base and during events.

- No mandated lore commanders, allowing commanders and officers to express themselves as they wish.


We are currently looking for experienced staff and event coordinators. We are also in search of professional battalion commanders and officers who will work well alongside our current commanders. Below is our list of open commander positions;

- 501st Attack Battalion

- Shock Security

- 224th Armored and Artillery

- Fleet


We hope you will join us on our adventure to relive the glory days of CloneWarsRP.

Our Website:

Our Discord:

Workshop Link:

Server IP: steam://connect/