Author Topic: Karma Classic DarkRP: Where we all come to play! (Cars, M9K, Bitminers, +more!)  (Read 599 times)

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🐶  Karma Classic DarkRP  🐶

Everyone and anyone is welcome on Karma DarkRP. We have a 0 tolerance policy on toxic behavior, so you can be assured that you will fit right in.

We offer a wide variety of jobs and addons to keep you occupied, whether there are people on the server or not! This includes a large map with cars, and lot's of jobs to spend time on. You will really feel like you're doing something on Karma!

We are also open to any and all feedback, and take all issues seriously. While we don't have the largest staff team out there, we do have competent members who are willing to help with anything, no matter what, all hours of the day. Why would you want to feel demeaned just for playing a video game?

We don't believe in hard-core pay to win servers. You can be entertained on Karma for a good long time without spending a single penny!

Want to donate anyways? We do offer paid in-game ranks that will enhance your experience without giving you a massive upper-hand over anybody else, including more ways to make money, extra tool usage, and more!

Feel free to join (or not :)), and have a great time! You can find any info about our server that you need to know in our Discord!

 🐶 https://discord.gg/kJrftZN94p 🐶