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Ironside Star Wars Roleplay
« on: October 05, 2022, 10:23:48 AM »
Ironside SWRP | US Based | CGI Phase 2 | Looking for Experienced GM's | Staff Members
 :501st: - 501st Captain Rex - Open
 :501st: - 501st Legion | Main Assault Battalion
 :501stTC: - 501st Torrent Company | Specialized
 :212th: : - 212th Mechanized Assault Commander Cody - Open
 :212th: : - 212th Mechanized | Weaponized Vehicles and Artillery
 :212th: : - 212th Battalion | Jetpack/Air Assault
 :91st: - 91st Recon Corps Commander Neo - Open
 :91st: - 91st Recon | Reconnaissance and Scouting
 :91st: - Lightning Squad | Specialized
 :Shock_K9: : - Coruscant Guard Commander Fox - Closed
 :Shock_K9: : - Coruscant Guard | Military Police
 :Shock_K9: : - Coruscant Guard Trackers | Military Dogs
 :Galactic_Republic: : - Head of Navy Admiral - Open
 :Galactic_Republic: : - Naval | Ship Operations
 :Shock_K9: : - Rancor Battalion - Open
 :Shock_K9: : - Rancor Battalion - Home of the ARC Trooper
 :Omega_Squad: : - Republic Commando Squads - Open
 :Omega_Squad: : - Republic Commando Squads - Home of Omega Squad
If you don't see something your interested in please keep in mind this list will grow as the server grows I would like these Regiments to grow before more is added.
I am Ghost or otherwise known as Fox I am the Founder and Head Developer of Ironside SWRP This is a reboot of my first GMod server. I am personally asking you to join our journey to rebuilding this community and help us expand. I take my time to come on and meet my players as I feel everyone is important here. Most Servers I have been a part of were poorly managed and if you ever meet the Founder, it was like a rare occurrence cause they are never on, they probably have no idea what is even happening on the server that is not the type of owner I will ever become. I believe the key to being the best owner is to be involved.  I am still learning how to make this place a place for everyone you are free to bring your ideas here. - Ghost
Server Offers:
 :agree~1:- Killing the Pay to Play
 :agree~1:- Dedicated Staff Team
 :agree~1:- You pick what we add, we will listen to you guys
 :agree~1:- Toxic Behavior Not Tolerated
 :agree~1:- Base and Venator Switches Every Week
 :agree~1:- Mini and Large Events
 :agree~1:-Very Active Founders always working to improve your experience to the best of our ability
Things Coming in the future as the server grows
Additions in the Future
 :Delta: - Delta Squad will be added in the Future as the Server Grows
 :104th: - 104th Wolfpack - Planned to be our next Main Assault Battalion
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Discord -
IP Address -