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[HELP] ULX !!!


? Alex ?:
Hey I need help

I created my moderator usergroup with this command:
ulx addgroup "moderator" "user"

But, they don't get recognized by other addons using the function ply:IsAdmin()

I don't want to inherit from admin, because I needs to give to moderator stricted permissions for example, I want that moderators can't ban, and that admin can Ban.

And if I inherit the permissions from admin, I can't revoke access to Moderator to ban unless I revoke access to Admins too but that's not what I need
How Can I fix it please??

And I also need help with physgun

How can I make moderators not able to physgun admins, while admins can physgun moderators.

Please HELP ME to fix this issue !

The only way to have IsAdmin recognize a group is to have it inherit from Admin. This is a limitation of garrysmod.


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