Author Topic: [NEW] Ethereal Roleplay Clone Wars RP  (Read 157 times)

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[NEW] Ethereal Roleplay Clone Wars RP
« on: February 01, 2023, 04:42:59 AM »
?NEW: Unique Server?
Are you tired of every Clone Wars server being exactly the same?

We offer custom experiences through high-quality MMORPG elements such as progression, missions, challenges, minigames, events, and customization.

?We are the most advanced CWRP ever seen.

We have a custom game mode framework that offers unparalleled performance, features, and design. (Not Helix/DarkRP based)

Our custom content includes a custom map, bosses, multiple character system, vehicles, 3D models, level progression, crafting, skill system, events, battalion system, vendors, gear, weapons, inventory system, trading, armor cosmetics, medical system, weapon skins, loot crates, and missions, to name a few.

?Most Extensive Custom Map For CWRP Ever Made.

Our map includes 5 different massive planets with a Heavy Cruiser that hyper-spaces to each of them, allowing for the first-ever seamless CWRP experience at this scale without any loading screens. The creators of our map include KingPommes, made Venator Extensive and the Deathstar, and Bananakin, made Vardos and Titan Base, both of which are known for their unrivaled mapping experience.

?Led by the Best

Experts lead us with over ten years of experience in this niche with prior high-ranking positions in market leaders. Some of the market's best-known and experienced developers craft our content which the community proposes and curates.

Experience the unforgettable and play Clone Wars like never before!
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