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Orbital RP - Now in beta, no VIP, lenient rules, and a focus on fun!


Are you looking for a server that does not have any VIP or any Pay to Win content? Then I have just the server for you. Orbital RP is in beta and hosting dark RP on Garry's Mod. Our server has all the fun jobs and activities which are usually paywalled on other servers, including terrorists, DJs, and much more for free. There will never be any paid master/VIP. There is no NLR rule. We have jobs that can RDM, and adverting is reserved for only a few actions. Things such as warns, muggings, raids, and kidnapping do not require /advert. Since we're offering so much content on our server, you must download these two collections, "Orbital RP" and the linked collection "Orbital RP Vehicles." before joining the server. The relevant information is attached below; see you on the server.

Link to Server Workshop Collection:

Discord Link For Orbital RP Server:

Server Info:



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