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Hi all, my name is Legendary, and I am starting a new Gmod CWRP server. I have run several IRP servers beforehand and have been in gmod since 2018, but I always wanted to do a clone wars server since it was my favorite era. I am looking for people who would share a similar vision and help get my server off the ground. I am running it as just a simple 10 slot test server right now to configure darkrp jobs and other addons to how I want them, but the plan would be to fully expand to something bigger if there was enough interest to back me.

I don't know how active this old forum is, but hopefully there are some people looking, or even still playing Gmod after all these years. If you are interested in helping me, drop by the discord and shoot me a message. I know there really isn't much here now, but I have hopes. Everything is very much WIP rn. Thank you for your time!

The current hierarchy of units I have so far is this (may change, but just to give an idea of what I am going for):

(Based out of Anaxes Military Base, I have developed a lore accurate command structure that differs from most CWRP servers and is more like a real U.S. Military Base. Base Command oversee all actions on the base and are only overruled by the Office of the Supreme Chancellor. This is mainly due to how the show presents it, so we are basing the server off the structure of the 3rd system's army as seen in TCW.)

Office of the Supreme Chancellor
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
Grand Vizier Mas Amedda
Red Guard

Base High Command
High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi (Base Commander)
Jedi General Anakin Skywalker (Deputy Base Commander)
Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano (Base Command Chief)
Marshal Commander Cody (Head of the GAR)
Admiral Yularen (Head of the Navy)
Jedi Grandmaster Yoda (Head of the Jedi Order)

Galactic Senate
Senators (TBD which ones)
Senate Commandos
(may or may not do this, but I am leaving it as an option)

Marshal Commander Cody (Head)
Attack Regimental Commander (In charge of 501st and 212th)
Support Regimental Commander (In charge of CG and 104th)
Clone General Ghost (My Custom Job. I would be running SOBDE as I find it interesting, and I don't want to interfere/micromanage with the rest of the GAR COC)
SOBDE (Delta Squad, Bad Batch, Munnalist 10 maybe. I will manage these squads, but members of them may advance higher above me so to not cap them)
501st Legion
212th Attack Battalion
104th Mechanized Assault Battalion
Coruscant Guard

Republic Navy
Admiral Yularen (Head)
Vice Admiral Tarkin (Deputy Commander)

Jedi Order
Grandmaster Yode (Head)
Master Mace Windu (Deputy Commander)
Battalion Jedi
Temple Guard
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