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Janhammer -- Up to his old tricks again!


For those of you who may not already know, Janhammer has released ULM v2. ( ULM is a very nasty mod designed to make players' lives as miserable as possible by rebinding all their keys among other things ) He added me to the credits, most likely to try to dirty my name in the developer community. Please be assured that I had no part in helping them develop ULM.

While it is true that I used to work with Janhammer and that if I had not taught Janhammer and Dracarys ( a co-developer ) how to use the source console, this wouldn't have happened... that was long before they started ULM. We parted paths long ago, when Janhammer made it clear he had no interest in upholding team values.

DO NOT POST LINKS TO ULM ON THE ULYSSES FORUM. Doing so will result in a permanent ban with no questions asked. We may not be able to stop people from making things that hurt others, but we can certainly contain them.

Also, please note that any posts on the ULM forums that appear to be from me aren't. Janhammer made an account with my name, as you can see by it's administrator status.

I can also vouch for this.

! il spread the word 2 watch out for ulm, and that you are no part of it, since i myself find ulx very usefull, and dont want its creators reputation harmed :(.

Jan Hammer:
<3 forever


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