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ULX v1.12


Howdy, I released a (very) small update for ULX v1.* series. It should fix a lot of problems you may have been having, there's no need to update if the current version is working fine for you. As always, click on downloads on the ulyssesmod homepage to get it!

--- Quote from: changelog ---v1.12 04/13/06
[CHANGE] addUser() now automatically capitalizes the userid ( idiot check )
[CHANGE] Weapon menu now automatically defaults to off, change the first line of ulx_menus.lua if you want it on ( at your own risk! )

--- End quote ---

In other news, ULX v2 development is picking up speed, we'll probably have it done before the new GMod comes out.


--- Quote from: Megiddo on April 13, 2006, 08:53:44 AM ---before the new GMod comes out.

--- End quote ---
Which will be 10 dollars


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