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I'm sure many of you have noticed that the ULX releases have lacked a proper installer!

I'd like some feedback from the community about putting in an installer for ULX and Ulysses. For example, should it remain an online installer so you can simply run that one program to grab all the updates? Should we combine both ULX and Ulysses into the same installer for covenience, or should we separate them? ( Separation is the current plan )

Thanks for your input!

Put em' in the same installer!

No, definately not an online installer. Many people had problems with it and hated UGM for all the hastle it caused.

And I thought ULX was Ulysses.. whats the difference?

ULX is what you know now, an AMX-like clone. Ulysses is more like UGM, client-side things.

Seing as ULX will never be anyway near as big as UGM, a online installer would be good in my opinion


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