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The documentation updates automatically immediately every time there's a commit to the SVN (yes, this means it's the docs for the SVN, not the current release version).

Thanks Megiddo. I've actually wanted these a few times lately.
Zakap, all, if you've never looked, now would be a great time. ULib capabilities in depth

Megiddo, ever considered going wiki-ish.
I understand full open editing might be a bit too open. (I personally think it would be)
However, Team U and some other trusted members would be a good idea I think

awesome. I'll have to bookmark this for sure. Thanks

It now automatically updates every time there's a commit. Yay for ultimate laziness. :)

Where can I find the full documentation for the soap api?   The Official Documentation thread doesnt offer anything in the way of selecting from multiple listings, inserting a new listing, etc... is there a wiki out there that Ive missied?


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