Author Topic: How do I unban someone?  (Read 256607 times)

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How do I unban someone?
« on: December 30, 2007, 09:31:28 AM »
There are five ways to unban a player.

Method 1 (NEW to ULX v3.50)
Open the XGUI, and go to the ban menu (shortcut: "xugi show bans", chat: "!xgui bans"). Search for the name or steamID of the player you wish to unban. Right click on the ban, and click "Remove Ban".

Method 2 (For ULX versions prior to v3.50)
Get into the ban menu, find the user you want to unban, click the 'x' beside the ban and confirm the unban.

Method 3
In console, type "ulx unban <steam_id>". Steam_id is the players steam id you wish to unban. Note that you have to have access to this command first

Method 4
From the server console or rcon, use the "listid" command. You should see something like this:
] listid
ID filter list: 1 entry
1 STEAM_0:1:1234567 : permanent

Find the id you want to unban and use the command "removeid <ID_NUM>", once again in the server console or rcon. In this case, I'd use "removeid 1;writeid". Or, if you know the steamid you want to unban directly, use "removeid <steam_id>;writeid". The 'writeid' appended onto the command makes sure that the change to the ban table is recognized by the server.
[NOTE] - If the ban is temporary, ULX will reban on next server start or map change until the time is up. See method 1 or 2 to keep this from happening.

Method 5
Open up your gmod/cfg/banned_user.cfg using notepad, find the users steam id you want removed, remove its entire 'banid # <steam:id>" line. You'll need to change maps in order for the server to apply the change.

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