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Do not use this if you are faint of heart or if you're not willing to deal with a bug here and there. We always recommend and fully back up our latest release which you can get from the downloads section!

We have decided to try giving out public SVN access, if you don't know what SVN is or how to use it then this isn't for you.

URL aggregating all our projects

URL for ULib:

URL for ULX:

Things you should know:
Again, we still (and always will) fully recommend our current release. Do not take using the SVN version lightly! We take no responsibility for any hardships or damage incurred in a worst-case scenario.

All changes made since prior release are listed in the readme's, and these are updated as we add or fix more in the SVN.

bump, this post should be on top.

Updated first post to include Gm13 news links that give new repo links.

Updated again. We're not planning on going back to our previous SVN hosting, Github is here to stay.

Stickly Man!:
Updated once again for our new repository location.


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