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Ulib 1.01 and ULX 2.01 - updates!!


Thats right! Updates!!
Bugs squashed!
While the masses put Ulib 1 and ULX v2 through the wringer, a few phantoms were discovered trying to wreak havoc among the code bits, trying to take a byte out of your lua development and server administration plans.

Posters to the forum quickly sprang to action, reporting several key issues with both Ulib and ULX.

From the Ulib v1.01 readme.txt file

--- Quote ---Group: Changelog
v1.01 - *(07/28/06)*
   * [FIX] Console say problem.
   * [FIX] Menu access problem.

--- End quote ---

From the ULX v2.01 ulx_readme.txt file

--- Quote ---Group: Changelog
v2.01 - *(07/28/06)*
   [FIX] ulx cfg access problem

--- End quote ---

 Get the latest versions of both at the download page -->here<--

when I click the link for the download i go to this page. Is this correct?

No, either JamminR or this forums mis-created the link. It should goto:

Fixed. Seems the forum doesn't like quotes around the urls.
Thanks aschmack


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