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Quick and Easy SVN Guide (How do I use SVN?!) - Questions Answered...

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This tutorial requires you at least know BASIC computer terminology... If you don't, maybe you should rethink hosting a server  ;D ;D ;D
First off, you will NEED to have an svn client installed on your system. For this tutorial we will use TortoiseSVN which you can download (HERE)

After you install this program you will need to reboot your computer... so either print this guide or bookmark this page, then restart your computer.

OKAY.. now that you have your SVN client installed, it is time to perform an SVN checkout.. don't worry I'm about to explain it all right now.

1. Create a folder.. Anywhere you want, but remember where you put it. The name of your folder should be something you will remember, if you are doing an SVN checkout for ULX name the folder ULX.. the same with ULib.
2. Right click on the folder and you should see some menu options that were not there before... The one you are looking for is 'SVN Checkout' click this..
3. A dialog window will pop up asking you for
      a. The URL of the Repository.. this is the svn address given to you by whatever it is you are trying to get (example:  https://github.com/TeamUlysses/ulx is the address for ULX)
      b. Checkout Directory... this should be the path to the folder you right clicked on. Leave it as it is.
      c. Leave all the other options as they are.
4. Click Okay
5. If the SVN server you are connecting to requires that you provide a username and password, it will now ask you for those items.. (for ULX and ULib it is
     user: anonsvn
     pass: anonsvn
6. One you enter the password and username the SVN client will begin downloading all of the data from the svn server.

There you go.. now that you have sucessfully completed an SVN checkout, you are ready to use it.

This part confuses a lot of people, but it is really very simple.. The ULX and ULib svn checkout folders that you create act exactly like regular addon folders. They should have (amungst other things) an info.txt file in them. Simply copy and paste the top level folder that has the info.txt file into your addons folder and you are gooooood to go! =)

IF you have any questions, please feel free to ask here. I don't think it gets any simpler than this! =)

Edit by Megiddo (June 25, 2010): Fixed the example address
Edit by Megiddo (November 25, 2012): Changed the example address to new repository
Edit by Stickly Man! (November 14, 2015): Changed the example address to newer repository

you spelt TortoiseSVN wrong

*I know this is some time later.. but..*

I like how it took someone 2 and a half years and nearly 10k views later to figure out I spelled Tortoise wrong. ^.^

Updated to our new SVN address

I know basic computer terminology, but "SVN Checkout" isn't one of the things I've heard of before.

Also, I have Tortoise on my computer now, but how do I use this when my server is accessed through a website control panel (Vilayer).


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