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--- Quote from: benefitscheque on January 06, 2013, 10:49:16 PM ---I know basic computer terminology, but "SVN Checkout" isn't one of the things I've heard of before.

Also, I have Tortoise on my computer now, but how do I use this when my server is accessed through a website control panel (Vilayer).

--- End quote ---

"SVN Checkout" pretty much translates to "Hey, you I am gonna give you an SVN directory and your going to download the files to my computer.".


Unless your provider allows an automatic installation of add-ons through SVN links your kinda out of luck. I assume it would be different depending on your provider, so it would be better if you ask on their forums.

But here is how you would install the files on your server...

Download the files to your computer using the tutorial the OP provided, then remove the .svn hidden folders from your installation...

(Why delete the .svn folders? Because some providers would not let you delete directories with the .svn folders in them, its not a big deal but it is kind of annoying when it comes to keeping your add-ons organized.)

...and then just upload the files using FTP.

If you delete the .svn folders there will be one down side... you will not be able to update your files because you deleted the .svn folders, so you will have to delete and re-download to update.

An 'SVN Checkout' is where the SVN client (Tortoise SVN in your case) goes onto the repository and downloads or updates files on your computer to their current version.

This is a good way for applications like ULib and ULX which have lots of files to keep updated without asking you to download unmodified files every time.

To go a little further with how to upload the addon to your hosted server... once you have finished a 'checkout' you can right click on the folder and under Options there is an Export button. This will make a copy of the checkout without all of the svn related files.

Once you have done this, simply pack the addon into a zip file and upload it to your server via your control panel. Most control panels have an unzip function built into them exactly for this purpose.

Now that many "SVN" repositories are actually moving to "Github" repos, I've not had to use a SVN client in a long time. (Github allows zip downloads of repositories..NICE feature)
However, tonight, after starting up Gmod for the first time in probably 8+ months, I joined a server that uses SProps.
I was severely dissapointed to discover that I was going to have to use SVN (the author doesn't use Git).
While attempting to search for an 'online' svn to zip conversion of some sort, I found a reasonable replacement.

Windows users - single 'dont have to install anything and run services' exe file..worked for Sprops
http://downloadsvn.codeplex.com/ - requires .net 2 (which, I think is almost default on most Win computers)

20 min later, I now have Sprops
(and to be honest, am disappointed the Sprops author doesn't offer a compressed format somewhere 'legit' - 19513 files @ 134MB is a lot, even when blessed with 1-2MB a sec broadband)


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