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Help!how to use ULib


 :-\ I downloaded the latest version of ULib for gmod9 and stuff, no errors or anything is the console. I put the files in the right directories, but I really don't know what ULib does. I don't know how to use it and I read the doc about it and is there a menu for ULib? How do I access it? Thanks for the help. :)

Please see

--- Quote ---"Usage"
Server admins do not “use” ULib, they simply enjoy the benefits it has to offer.  After installing ULib correctly, scripts that take advantage of ULib will take care of the rest.  Rest easy!
--- End quote ---

Ulib is a Gmod Lua scripting developers library, making/adding additinal features to lua scripting easier for others.

If you want something you can 'use' right now with Ulib, then you need to get ULX v2 .. which is a server administration script written to use Ulib.
If you know/are learning Lua with Gmod, you can also try writing your own scripts.

As time goes on, it will most likely be used in other scripts released here and other FP forum releases.

 ;D thanks JamminR


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