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Builder's Lounge (building/contraptions only)
« on: February 28, 2008, 01:39:48 PM »
"Chris" and I run a build-server through "Ultimate Game Server Hosting".

    * Server should be up all the time assuming nothing is wrong.
    * No homepage right now.
    * IP:
    * max 8 slots, 2 reserved
    * Not accepting new admins/moderators right now.
    * We run Wire mod (with wired doors), Adv Dupe, ULX (w/ uppl and anti-afk), Fin tool, PHX2 model pack, Prop stacker, Smart snap, Smart constraint, sui_scoreboard, Weight STool.

   * The server has content for HL2, EP2, Portal, TF2, DOD:S and Counter-strike: Source.

Both Chris and I are the only admins, as we're the ones that pay for it. 

The only thing we ask is that users try and work on something creative.  This includes contraptions, vehicles, displays, whatever.  What we do NOT WANT is people making a giant "OMG CAN HAZ FORT" made of 50 cargo containers or a "LOOK AT MAI WOCKETSHIP!" thas just an airboat with 10 smoke-thrusters on it and an "LOLOLOLOL" trail.

The server is never passworded, so come on in.