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Back in action


I'm back from vacation, and we've got surprises lined up for you!

Stay tuned, we'll try to get everything ready for you.

I also want to mention a spectacular melon racing map made by a friend of mine. You can read about and download it here

Welcome back!
 As you catch up, I'm sure you see there are a few little bugs to squash.
I like what I see of the changes so far. New forum layout.
As for any others, well, I'm not very observant, and haven't noticed them if there are any.

Hey, welcome back, and wow, I just looked at your XFire profile, and you've played 200 hours exactly more than me.  How did you manage that?

Well, good luck with ULX and ULib.

So when do you think you will be doing a update?

                                                 Ps: Good to have you back   :D

As soon as possible, I'm adding more than I originally thought I would to the next versions, and still need to test it thoroughly.


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