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Another round of releases

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Here's those surprises I promised you! You may have noticed that the main page ( looks a little different. We now have a page to assist you in making user access lines. Be sure to let us know what you think of it!


* ULib v1.1
* ULX v2.1
* UDodge v1.1
* UCause v1.0
* UBowl v1.0
As always, download new versions of ULib and ULX on the main page ( .
You can get the others in the ULib releases forum.

Here's the changelog for ULX v2.1

--- Quote from: changelog ---v2.1 - *(09/12/06)*
   [FIX] Possible immunity ignore in client menu.
   [FIX] ulx.ucl wasn't being used consistently (only matters if you were using a custom UCL)
   [ADD] ungimp (Sorry about that!)
   [ADD] ulx noclip
   [ADD] Clean up menu
   [ADD] ulx entfire
   [ADD] ulx adduser
   [FIX] ulx blind optional amount, thanks spbogie!
   [FIX] reserved slots number, thanks spbogie!
   [FIX] Access levels in console commands and menus should be more consistent now, thanks spbogie!

--- End quote ---

Yay, thanks Megiddo, and glad I could help.

Wow, ULX entfire, I'm going to have fun with that.

Todo for next ULX:
 * New better looking menu system
 * Fix ulx cfg
 * More cleanups?
 * SWEP Menu
 * Logging?
 * Separate banning system?

Todo for next ULib:
 * Toolmode stuff
 * Matrix functions?
 * Module folder?
 * Command reassignment
 * Better indication that UCL didn't load correctly!
 * UCL doesn't probe players on late load!!!!

Don't ask me what these are, just making a note to myself so I won't forget :P

Awesome users.ini generator script, looks a lot better with the css incorporated. Glad I could help. My host went toast and allong with them the newest version of it that has the auto download thing.


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