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Here's a list of links to help you get off your feet and get into Lua: -- Learn Lua in 15 minutes (only for programmers familiar with the basics) -- Lua tutorial (written for Lua 5.0, but still works fine for 5.1) -- Lua reference manual for looking up specific functions -- The ULib documentation -- The Gmod lua documentation - Online lua shell, great for practicing what you learn and want to test. (No Glua(Gmod Lua) of course, but will help you practice basics)

[EDIT - JamminR] - 08/29/13 - Changed Gmod lua reference link
[EDIT - JamminR] - 01/21/15 - Added online compiler/editor

Added which is a pretty fantastic reference.

A great Lua tutorial for those with no prior programming experience: :)

I know this is old, but a great site I use for testing Lua code is ( Let's you run it online so you don't have to compile Lua yourself. It doesn't support gLua, naturally.


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