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Recent major changes in SVN
« on: January 05, 2011, 11:06:36 AM »
We're drawing ever closer to a release that combines ULX and XGUI! But in the mean time, I wanted to point out some major developments in SVN the past few weeks.

First off is that the format of the adverts file changed. If you are using SVN and your adverts suddenly aren't working, you'll need to look over the new format, or delete your old adverts.txt file and make it again through the latest XGUI.

Second, we rebuilt the log echo system (outputs "Bob slapped Alice" when using slap command). While it doesn't look much different from the old one, it's now much more configurable. "ulx logEcho" now has three states again as in the release version (off, anonymous, full), and "ulx logEchoColors" can disable the colored output.

Please direct any comments on these changes to the SVN Stuff board on the forums.
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