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ULX 2.2, ULib 1.2, Spirit of UGM

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ULX 2.2 and ULib 1.2 have been released!

My favorite features of this new version are the ability to execute commands on clients and being able to dynamically change the access needed to use commands.  :D


--- Quote ---v2.2 - *(11/13/06)*
   [ADD] New menu skin
   [ADD] ulx changeaccess. Change access of commands in-game!
   [ADD] New logging system
   [ADD] New votemap, accessible by everyone by default so people can change maps without admins.
   [ADD] New limits menu
   [ADD] Build/Construct modes to menu
   [ADD] Timed functions (see "ulx timed")
   [ADD] ulx cexec - Execute commands on clients (ONLY ON DEDICATED SERVERS)   
   [ADD] thetime - Shows user the time on the server. (ONLY ON DEDICATED SERVERS)
   [CHANGE] Ulx who now shows EVERYONE, not just admins. This is so you can see people's ids to kick them.
   [CHANGE] server.ini and mapname.ini are now loaded after server.cfg
   [CHANGE] Cleanups are now bigger and better!
   [FIX] Bans are now loaded on server start. (Why didn't VALVe do this themselves?)
   [FIX] Kickban in menu not working (Thanks -Core!)
   [FIX] Temporary ban problem
--- End quote ---

As always, download these new releases from

We've got a volunteer to take up work on our "Spirit of UGM" project (read about it here). He goes by the name "Stickly Man!", and I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more about him and his shortly.

On that note, please stay tuned to our forums in the next couple of days, we have another new release and some exciting news tidbits!

EDIT: Whoops, turns out it had a few errors. Please download v2.21 if you already downloaded v2.2.

nice! THanks

When i download it users.ini isn't there plus with other missing files.

Brett, the new releases, and hopefully ones in the future, are made not to overwrite users.ini when you extract it into your old ULib folders.
This way, the person installing it won't have to do any moving/renaming of thier users files on thier own.

If someone runs it without the users.ini, I believe it creates it with a generic, or asks the admin to with an error/note.

As for the missing files, ULib should be extracted to gmod9/
Not gmod9/lua , as it has a materials folder now.

From the ULib readme

--- Quote from: ULib_readme.txt ---To install ULib, simply extract the files from the archive to you gmod9 folder.
When you've done this, you should have a file structure like this--
--- End quote ---

That should fix any missing textures, etc.

JamminR -- Actually, it comes with a users.ini, and it backs it up every map change. When it detects a new install, it restores the backup.


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