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ULX 3.0
« on: January 02, 2007, 12:38:19 AM »
Happy New Year!
After a delay longer than we had hoped, we're proud to present the all-new ULX 3.0!
We all had busy holidays, and we appreciate you waiting patiently!

Cautionary note! Due to the fact that much of the our code was rewritten for GM10, though we've done testing, we expect there to some bugs we haven't found yet. We'd appreciate your assistance in tracking down any of them and reporting them to us at http://ulyssesmod.net/bugs/. Please be aware of this when using 3.0. We've also not tested ULX with other lua scripts, though we don't expect any problems, we would appreciate any conflict reports to assist us in making fixes and/or work-arounds.

Please make sure you completely remove the ULX GM10 port if you had it installed. Do this before installing ULX 3.0

Key notes and features of this release:
  • As in past releases, ULib has a custom user access file stored in
    data/ULib/users.txt. However, we also make use of Garry's regular gmod user file. Unless
    you are comfortable with and understand our custom ULib/users.txt, we recommend you add
    yourself to the default gmod user file. Instructions for doing this: http://garrysmod.com/wiki/?title=Admin#Dedicated_Servers.  If you're running a listen server, you will be made an admin automatically.
  • We are the first lua mod (to the best of our knowledge) to take full advantage of the autocomplete system provided by GM10. If you type in "ulx " at console, you'll get a list of commands you have access to, which narrow down as you type in more characters. After that, it will help you find a target for your command, or show you the full syntax. It can't get any easier!
  • With few exceptions (some noted below), all the old ULX commands you know and love have been included in ULX 3. Also many new commands that were originally slated to premier in ULX 2.3 before GM10 came out. Since GM10 pushedour hand, we added more during the re-write, and believe you'll be pleased.
  • ulx kickban no longer exists, using simply ulx ban will both kick and ban users now.
  • No voting support (except for votemap). This will be implemented in a near future release.
  • No reserved slots. This will be implemented in a future release.

We value developer feedback above all else! If you're a developer and would like to offer a suggestion, or want to know more about ULib, contact us! If you're not a developer but believe you have a great idea or function you find yourself frequently doing on your server, also let us know.

Output from "ulx help":
] ulx help
ULX Help:
If a command can take multiple targets, it will usually let you use the keyword <ALL>.
These keywords are self explanitory.
All commands must be preceded by "ulx ", ie "ulx slap"

Command Help:
 o adminmenu  - Shows you the admin menu. (say:!adminmenu)
 o asay <text> - Sends a message to currently connected admins. (say:@)
 o ban <user> <time> - Bans a user for time, use 0 time for permaban (say:!ban)
 o blind <user(s)> [<amt 0-255>] - Blinds user(s) by amount. (say:!blind)
 o clientmenu  - Shows you the client menu. (say:!clientmenu)
 o cloak <user(s)> [<amt 0-255>] - Cloaks user(s) by amount. (say:!cloak)
 o csay <text> - Sends a message to everyone in the middle of the screen. (say:@@@)
 o ent <classname> <flag>:<value> .. - spawn an ent, separate flag and value with : (IE: ulx ent prop_ragdoll model:models/alyx
 o exec <file> - Executes a file.
 o freeze <user(s)> - freezes the specified users (say:!freeze)
 o gimp <user> - Gimps a player (can't talk normally) (say:!gimp)
 o god <user(s)> - Makes player(s) invincible. If no user is specified, gods yourself. (say:!god)
 o help - Shows this help.
 o hp <user(s)> - sets the hp for the specified users (say:!hp)
 o ignite <user(s)> - ignites the specified users (say:!ignite)
 o jail <user(s)> [<time>] - Jails user(s) for specified seconds (forever if not specified). (say:!jail)
 o kick <user> [<reason>] - Kicks a user with the given reason (say:!kick)
 o lua_run <command> - Feeds the server a lua command.
 o map <map> - Changes the map. (say:!map)
 o menu  - Shows you the main menu. (say:!menu)
 o mute <user> - Mutes a player (can't talk) (say:!mute)
 o noclip <user(s)> - Toggles noclip for player(s). If no user is specified, noclips yourself. (say:!noclip)
 o playsound <sound> - Plays a sound, relative to 'sound' dir.
 o psay <user> <text> - Sends a private message to the user. (say:!p)
 o ragdoll <user(s)> - ragdolls the specified users (say:!ragdoll)
 o rcon <command> - Send the specified command to the server console. (say:!rcon)
 o slap <user(s)> [<damage>] [<power>] - Slaps target(s) with given damage and power (say:!slap)
 o slay <user(s)> - slays the specified users (say:!slay)
 o spectate <user> - Spectates specified user. Move forward to get out of this mode. (say:!spectate)
 o sslay <user(s)> - silently slays the specified users (say:!sslay)
 o thetime  - Shows you the server time. (say:!thetime)
 o tsay <text> - Sends a message to everyone. (say:@@)
 o unblind <user(s)> - Unblinds user(s). (say:!unblind)
 o uncloak <user(s)> - Uncloaks user(s). (say:!uncloak)
 o unfreeze <user(s)> - unfreezes the specified users (say:!unfreeze)
 o ungimp <user> - Ungimps a player (say:!ungimp)
 o ungod <user(s)> - Revokes player'(s) invincibility. If no user is specified, ungods yourself. (say:!ungod)
 o unjail <user(s)> - Unjails user(s). (say:!unjail)
 o unmute <user> - Unmutes a player (say:!unmute)
 o unragdoll <user(s)> - unragdolls the specified users (say:!unragdoll)
 o veto - This lets you halt a votemap changelevel. (say:!veto)
 o votemap [<map name or id>] - Vote for a map. No args lists available maps. (say:!votemap)
 o who - Shows all connected players ids and access.

Cvar Help:
 o mingekick <0/1> - Turns off/on auto-minge bag kick
 o welcomemessage <msg> - This is shown to players on join
-End of help
ULX version: 3.00

Whoops! Found some issues in importing the default user file. This has been fixed in ULib v2.01
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Re: ULX 3.0
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Pictures of the menus:

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