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AWarn2 - Advanced Warning Module

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AWarn2 - New and Improved!

This addon allows admins to warn users and will display to them the reason they were warned.
The addon will keep track of all historic warnings for review by admins.
The addon now has a nice GUI that lets you do everything including viewing a player's warnings.

If enabled, once a user reaches a pre-configurable number of warnings, they are kicked from the server.

By default only admins/superadmins have access to this addon. If you are running ULX/ULib and you want to add more groups or users just assign them the following access flags.
awarn_view - This allows a player to view all players' warnings.
awarn_warn - This allows a player to warn players.
awarn_remove - This allows a player to reduce a player's active warnings.
awarn_delete - This allows a player to completely remove all warnings from a player.
awarn_options - This allows a player to view/edit the scripts configurations.

The access flags are registered in XGUI so adding them is as easy as using your in-game XGUI menu. You can also do it manually with the following ULX commands:

ulx userallow <player> "access_flag"
ulx groupallow <group> "access_flag"


ulx userallow "Mr.President" "awarn_warn"
ulx groupallow "moderator" "awarn_options"

awarn_warn <player/steamid> <reason> - Warn a player for a specified reason
!warn <player> <reason> - Warn a player for a specified reason

awarn_menu - Opens the AWarn GUI screen.
!warn (With no arguements) - Opens the AWarn GUI screen.

Hook Callbacks
AWarnPlayerWarned( Player target_ply, Player ply, String reason )
   target_ply - Player being warned
   ply - Warning Admin
   reason - Reason for warning
AWarnPlayerIDWarned( String tarid, Player ply, String reason )
   tarid - 64bit SteamID of player being warned.
   ply - Warning Admin
   reason - Reason for warning
AWarnLimitKick( Player target_ply )
   target_ply -Player being kicked for passing the warning kick threshold.
AWarnLimitBan( Player target_ply )
   target_ply - Player being banned for passing the warning ban threshold.

Click the image thumbs to view larger versions.

Configurations (Note: these are server console variables. Run these from the server console)

All configurations are done in the built-in configurations menu.

Installation Instructions:
-Extract the awarn folder into your addons folder.
-Restart your server

Questions/Comments: Feel free to ask them in this thread.



Warn menu not showing when i type !warn in chat. my group is "owner" Getting error : [ERROR] addons/awarn2/lua/autorun/sh_awarn.lua:109: attempt to call method 'AWCheckAdmin' (a nil value)

1. unknown - addons/awarn2/lua/autorun/sh_awarn.lua:109
 2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua:69

type in console:

ulx groupallow owner "awarn_admin"

Let me know if it works.

Are you getting any other errors in your console when you start your server?

Looks like a major improvement - purchased through coder hire :)



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