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Caustic Soda-Senpai:
Here's your basic money commands for DarkRP.
I personally have experienced the issue where you need to modify someone's money because they either got RDM'd or an event happened where they glitched out or something happened that shouldn't. I couldn't find any commands at the time of writing the code so I wrote it up myself and releasing for any and all to use!

(If you try this on another gamemode you will have errors because of one or more of the following reasons: You're incompetent, You're a troll, You can't read, You can't even internet.)

Contains the following:

!givemoney - Gives money to a player (!givemoney <name> <amount>)

!takemoney - Takes money away from a player (!takemoney <name> <amount>)

!setmoney - Sets the money of a player (!setmoney <name> <amount>)

!getmoney - Gets the wallet amount of a player (!getmoney <name>)

Let me know if there are any issues.

Update: Added getmoney command. Submitted by  XxLMM13xXgaming and edited by myself.

Pardon my ignorance if what I'm asking already exists in DarkRP, but, as someone running the commands you provide, can you tell how much they already have?
If not, the perhaps a command to tell you (I dunno, 'getmoney'?)
Again, my ignorance of DarkRP is strong (I have enough real world life..I don't want to role play one) :)

Also, I stronly encourage you to make your own addon folder/path.
I cringe for the support issues that pop up when people add files directly to our folder paths.

Caustic Soda-Senpai:
Noted, I've removed the money.lua, leaving the Money Commands path.

As well, in DarkRP the scoreboard will notify you of the amount of money players have. If it's requested, I'll code a getmoney command.


--- Quote from: syst3M4TiK on December 19, 2014, 10:24:12 PM ---the scoreboard will notify you of the amount of money players have

--- End quote ---
Great, if you're not controlling your server from a console when you get some email/steam IM/forum post of some user crying that <x> happened and the person wants money.
I'm a console geek. Always will be. I'm sure if I were in that situation I could use luarun print <the var> but...meh, getmoney just seems sexier/quicker.

Caustic Soda-Senpai:
Now that you've said it's sexier, I'll get right on it


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