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Where did my post go?


Occasionally I am going to be checking in on all of the threads here to make sure that the servers they are advertising aren't dead or offline.
When I first started doing this, there were 9 pages of advertisement posts. After cleaning up this forum, I've reduced that down to just a little over 1 page of posts that contain legitimate communities that are still around with servers that are still online.

If I find that your advertised server is offline, your thread will be moved into the Archive forum. The reason I am doing this is to make this forum easier for players looking for a community/server to play on easier to browse. This will also help those players with legitimate servers, by increasing the chance that someone will find their thread.

If you believe that I have moved your thread in error, please PM me with a link to your thread in the Archive forum and I will check the server again and move the thread back into the main forum if I find that the server is responsive again. If you just need to change the IP in your post, that's fine too, just change it before PMing me.

Thanks! I hope this makes the Community Servers forum easier and more enjoyable to use for everyone involved!


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