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Free Build and Kill [Sandbox]
« on: November 18, 2015, 11:41:04 AM »
Many sandbox players may already know about Free Build and Kill, but many new players may not so... We are a community of gamer that started on Gmod and have expanded to many games.  We are very friendly and play well with other that wish to play well too! 

The server has active admins, common sense rules and quick banning of rule breakers.  If you're looking for a server to join and have a fun time with a bunch of fools come on in! If your looking to join and be a dick you'll be banned shortly there after.

  • How often the server is up: 24/7 for the past 3 years and counting
  • Server homepage: www.FreeBuildandKill.com
  • IP address: fbk.g.nfoservers.com
  • Max slots, reserved slots: 50 no reserve cause 50 slots is stupid big
  • Are you accepting new admins/moderators?: Admin are players who have risen through the ranks, no skipping ranks. No ranks for donation either!
  • A list of addons on the server: Steam Workshop Link

We have so many add-on's it's hard to pick the best; just check out the workshop add-ons link.  We also have WireMod and extra, advdupe 2, ulx/ulib (of course) and expadv2 in svn form.

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