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ULX v3.70 and ULib v2.60 -- Metiejo

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We at Team Ulysses are excited to announce the latest releases of ULX and ULib. We are proud to have served the Garry's Mod community for the past eleven years with our scripts. Today's release has been codenamed "Metiejo".

We have a few things we want to highlight in these changes. First, we have created a MOTD generator for server owners. This means the average user no longer has to fumble around with HTML to get the information they need to their players. This generator populates some of your server information automatically for extra convenience. Second, ULX and ULib have gained automatic update checking. If you are using the release versions of ULX/ULib, you will get a notification if there is a newer release available. Finally, ULib allows you to show custom ban messages now -- this can be configured from XGUI.

Please note that if you are using a local MOTD file, the cvar to set the file location has changed from "motdfile" to "ulx motdfile".

Check out the full changelog below:

--- Quote from: ULib changelog ---* [ADD] ULib.ucl.getUserInfoFromID for getting user info from an ID.
* [ADD] CAMI support.
* [ADD] "noMount" parameter to file-related APIs.
* [ADD] ULibGetUser(s)CustomKeyword hooks (Thanks, LuaTenshi).
* [ADD] Dynamic and consistent versioning for ULib plugins with automatic update checking.
* [ADD] ULib.setVar, a compliment to ULib.findVar.
* [FIX] The usual random slew of Garry-breakages (Thanks, Fuzzik).
* [FIX] An assumption regarding player authentication that led to a player's group being reset to user sometimes.
* [FIX] Garry API change for ULib.findinDir (Thanks, ascentechit).
* [FIX] Workaround for Garry's odd handling of bot UIDs (Thanks, BurgerLUA).
* [FIX] Improved how well ULib files handle being autorefreshed.
* [FIX] Exploitable console command could potentially cause errors and/or crashes.
* [FIX] Exploit involving file system mounting.
* [FIX] Minor exploit that redirects unspecified playerArgs to a player with a specific name instead of the calling player. (Thanks Repe!)
* [CHANGE] Hook system. It's much faster (CPU-wise) and a little easier to use now (Many thanks for input from darkjacky and Divran).
* [CHANGE] ULib.getUser(s) do not proceed if passed an empty string (Thanks, timmyws).
* [CHANGE] Renamed function from "stringTimeToSeconds" to "stringTimeToMinutes", because I am dumb. An alias function will be available for a short time.
* [CHANGE] Massively improved the utility of ULib.findVar and restructured the return values.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: ULX changelog ---* [ADD] XGUI: Ability to set the 'nextlevel' cvar from the maps tab, if you have access to "ulx map".
* [ADD] Reason to votekick log (Thanks, CSchulz).
* [ADD] Steam ID parameter to "ulx who" to lookup users by Steam ID.
* [ADD] Cvar "ulx meChatEnabled" added to enable or disable the /me chat feature, or set it to Sandbox only.
* [ADD] "ulx version" command for easily checking the version being run.
* [ADD] New dynamic MOTD generator.
* [ADD] Ban Message customization with XGUI editor
* [ADD] XGUI: Added methods for developers to be able to open a specific client or server setting module.
* [FIX] The usual random slew of Garry-breakages (Thanks, Fuzzik).
* [FIX] Changing weapons while cloaked would keep them hidden when uncloaked. (Thanks, TheRealAyCe).
* [FIX] XGUI: Error if the default settings/users.txt file was missing.
* [FIX] Gamemode list includes workshop addons now (Thanks, jason2010).
* [FIX] "ulx ent" parameter parsing (Thanks, Zombine).
* [FIX] "ulx voteban" can now ban the user even if they disconnect after the vote starts.
* [FIX] Vote commands now work properly from server console.
* [FIX] XGUI: Numerous issues with selecting a custom Derma/GWEN skin.
* [FIX] XGUI: Clientside settings would not save if the client's data/ulx folder did not exist.
* [FIX] Improved how well ULX/XGUI files and XGUI clientside/serverside modules handle being autorefreshed.
* [FIX] ulx.addToHelpManually now checks for and removes and previously added manual help entries with the same command name.
* [FIX] XGUI: Bug where ulx_showMotd cvar would not be updated properly when changed by someone else.
* [FIX] XGUI: Minor performance exploit involving serverside ban sorting. (Thanks, TomatoCo).
* [FIX] Exploit involving gmod filesystem mounting. (Thanks, Willox).
* [FIX] Minor issue where opposite commands might not be run due to case sensitivity.
* [FIX] Duplicate help entries due to autorefresh and overriding commands. (Thanks iSnipeu).
* [FIX] Ragdolled players were getting removed on map cleanup.
* [FIX] XGUI: Server error in some cases when sorting bans by Unban Date after a new ban has been added.
* [FIX] XGUI: Right-clicking an advert group and renaming it was broken.
* [CHANGE] MOTD now uses DHTML (Awesomium framework).
* [CHANGE] MOTD configuration changes and new "ulx_motdurl" CVAR.
* [CHANGE] Data files are now injected from a Lua script rather than included directly, in order to be Workshop-friendly.
* [CHANGE] Hook calls to match ULib's new format.
* [CHANGE] ULX convar updates will now append an entry to data/config.txt if it is not defined in the file. Previously, these changes would not be saved.
* [CHANGE] You can now spectate another player while spectating someone else.
* [CHANGE] XGUI: Moved MOTD settings to their own section, updated to accomodate latest MOTD changes.
* [CHANGE] XGUI: No longer autoexecutes skins to ensure they have been installed.
* [CHANGE] XGUI: Added "name" parameter to xgui.hookEvent to prevent event duplication. (Aids with autorefresh, is backwards compatible with old XGUI modules)
* [CHANGE] XGUI: Modules that no longer exist will be removed from the customizable sort order.
* [CHANGE] XGUI: Sliders for arguments on the Cmds tab with a small min/max delta (e.g. from 0 to 1) will now allow up to 2 decimal places, if the arg does not have cmds.round flag.
* [CHANGE] XLIB: Added ZPos support for most controls, ability to set font for buttons, ability to set multiline for textboxes, and added "DefaultLarge" font for more accurate ban message preview.

--- End quote ---

You can find these releases at our homepage. Workshop users will automatically update to these new versions.

I'm stoked about all our recent activity! Yay.

Didn't we change the convar for ULX motd to "ulx_motdfile"?  (Our post has ulx motdfile, no underscore_)

Really :P

Now I'll need to redo all my sourcebans integration..


Stickly Man!:
JamminR: Either way is fine. :) It's registered as a ULX cvar, so it can really be set either way.

--- Code: ---] ulx motdfile
"ulx motdfile" = "ulx_motd.txt"
MOTD filepath from gmod root to use if ulx showMotd is 1.
  CVAR generated by ULX

--- End code ---

Bite That Apple:
and yet, no whitelist for permissions yet :(


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