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As many of you know, we enabled "social login" support on these forums a while back via a service known as OneAll. At the time, I gauged the limits imposed by OneAll and figured we would stay within the requirements to receive the OneAll service for free. Unfortunately, we have outgrown the free tier and were forced to evaluate our options.

Since we are an open-source project and provide everything we create to you at no cost, the amount of money available to us is directly proportional to the number of meals I skip. Unfortunately for you all, I like food far too much. Therefore, we have decided to shut down new OneAll registrations. If you previously registered via OneAll (using Steam or Google), you will still be able to sign in for a few weeks, but we will eventually disable OneAll completely. You can maintain access to your account by setting a password on it and logging into it the traditional way.

We have enabled a new form of Steam registration and sign-in. It's not as full featured as OneAll, and will only work for brand new accounts (existing users cannot link to their Steam account). You can find this new method at the very bottom of the login page.

Sorry about the inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any questions.

My avatar seems to have auto updated to my new github one. Awesome! But kinda spooky.

I think Github uses Gravatar? Not sure though.


--- Quote from: Megiddo on March 04, 2016, 09:14:54 AM ---I think Github uses Gravatar? Not sure though.

--- End quote ---

Actually I don't use Gravatar because trackers... I did set this as my avatar URL though...

Allow me to correct an error: The Correct Termonology is "Inversely Proportional" - seeing as it's how many meals you skip is how much money you make (ie you get your meals, the money is nothing - thus inverse). Just thought you'd like to know that. Anyway First post on this forum so Hi Guys! I love your mod!


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