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Chill-Servers: Chilled Fabrication Sandbox
« on: June 20, 2016, 03:16:02 PM »
Hello Ulysses Community. I just found this thread and it’s fun to look at all the diverse servers. To add to this amazing list, I have a truly unique experience to share with you all…

I am the owner and host of Chill-Servers, an online gaming community whose main focus is Game Server Hosting. At the moment there are 4 servers running separate game modes within the game Garry's Mod. Plans are to expand to other games and diversify the servers offered. Anyone is welcome to join or invite their friends to join; this is an open community striving for better gaming experiences. Chill-Servers hopes to set a precedent of quality game servers and management for others to follow.

This post in particular is to highlight the Sandbox Server named Chilled Fabrication

Code: [Select]
Name:  Chill-Servers 24/7|ACF|Wire|Sprops|PAC3|Pills|WAC|M9k|TDM|Shop
Gamemode: Sandbox
Max Players: 30-32

  • Tools for building: Precision, AdvDuplicator, AdvDuplicator2, SmartSnap, Weight, Prop-Resizer, Precision Alignment, Multi Parent, VisClip, Fin & Wing...
  • Simple Prop Protection (With buddy list)
  • ACF (Armored Combat Framework)
  • Wiremod
  • Sprops
  • PAC3 (Player Appearance Customizer)
  • Morph Mod (formerly Pills)
  • WAC Aircraft (Pre-fab helicopters/airplanes)
  • M9K Weapons
  • TDM Cars with VC mod (Lights + Horn + Passenger Seats for-  all cars)
  • PointShop2
  • More materials
  • More extended context menu entries
Unique Features:
  • !pvp command that toggles player damage (2 players must have !pvp enabled to kill each other)
  • Beautiful Forums with an awesome, welcoming community (Server-Forum integration planned for the future)
  • User Permission Ranking System (Level up over time and get access to more commands)
  • Ranks synced between all servers
  • Bans synced between all servers
  • PointShop2 inventories synced between all servers
  • And Much More
Go to the website/forums to learn more. Or just join and experience it for yourself.

Chill-Servers is a different kind of environment designed to allow players to have the best experience possible. The servers change and improve over time by taking suggestions and requests from the players; the community shapes the servers. Active, friendly, and professional admins put the cherry on top.

If you are interested, please check out the website , forums , or join by going to http://chillservers.com/servers and click the Join Server button.


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Re: Chill-Servers: Chilled Fabrication Sandbox
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2016, 08:28:11 PM »
I didn't think anyone had Sandbox servers anymore.
Sad but seems too true.
Thanks for keeping sandbox alive.
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Re: Chill-Servers: Chilled Fabrication Sandbox
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2016, 11:09:02 PM »
:P Don't be so melodramatic JamminR. I just counted around 200+ Sandbox servers with players in them.
Either way, it's certainly not the norm these days.

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Re: Chill-Servers: Chilled Fabrication Sandbox
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2016, 06:42:45 PM »
To celebrate the 4th of July, this server will have Garry's Fireworks 2 for the next week!