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Potomac Gaming
« on: October 03, 2016, 12:19:44 PM »
Hello all humans that browse the Ulysses forums!!

I have had a project up for quite some time now and am ready to release it out to the public!

Potomac Gaming. Created in early September by myself, Proto, and T_dizzle. Potomac Gaming is a fun to play DarkRP server that has a variety of jobs and activities to choose from! The jobs range from the default jobs with modified models to custom and Pro (VIP) versions of them! We are in need of some dedicated staff to moderate the server and to follow our simple guidelines.

As of right now, we use the following workshop mods:
  • Stream Radio
  • BF3 Death Sounds (Instead of the boring old flatline)
  • 3D2D Text
  • Atmos (Day / Night cycle, not for weather)
  • Arcade games (Pac Man and Donkey Kong)
  • DSit (Sit anywhere)
  • FA:S 2.0
  • TVs
  • Moneypot
  • PAC3 (Who doesnt want this??!!)
  • RP Props (For an obvious reason :/ )
  • Simple Third Person
  • Smart Snap Tool
  • Wiremod
  • UTime

And we use these ScriptFodder mods:
  • Cake AntiCheat
  • Billy's Logs
  • Vliss, Athena and Arivia
  • GTime
  • Cuffs, Handcuff and Handties
  • BR Bank Vault
  • TCB Printers
  • Wyozi Cinema Kit
  • ItemStore
  • AtlasChat
  • Door Display
  • AWarn 2

We run DownTown V4C V2, a small and fun map to role play and base on!

Join our community today!


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