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Developers Corner / Re: Default access of opposite command
« Last post by iViscosity on Today at 05:46:31 PM »
Huh... that actually makes a lot of sense. I never would've thought of that.
Developers Corner / Re: Default access of opposite command
« Last post by JamminR on Today at 05:40:32 PM »
It wouldn't hurt to save code though.

Keep your join channel code of course.
Then just set a command that calls the function for users, then one that calls the same function with is_force like you wanted.

example logic

function my_channeljoin (calling, target, forced)
    if forced

local joinchannel = ulx command (blah, "svc joinchannel", my_channeljoin)
joinchannel params = forced/false
blah group users

local forcejoin = ulx command (blah, "svc forcechannel", my_channeljoin)
joinchannel params = forced/true
blah group operators

Your join code couldn't be called directly by players, but the commands for it could depending on group.
Releases / MOVED: Some TTT Addons & Server Addons!
« Last post by JamminR on Today at 05:33:35 PM »
This topic has been moved to Off-Topic.

Releases forum area is only for code you've written, or have exclusive written permission to post code you've modified.
As this is a helpful post more along the lines of 'here's what I use, hope you find it helpful', we're moving it to Off-Topic.
Hate to answer your question with a question, but, answering this question answers yours.
What files did you edit?

Additionally, I just searched ULib and ULX, we only use the word metadata in one XGUI file in client ULX.
However, without knowing the file you edited, that very well could just be misreading info from another file you may have corrupted.
Shutdown server, then restore the file(s) you edited.
Restart server.
From there, if it doesn't fix it, shutdown server and restore /data/ulib/bans.txt (as it might be corrupted by whatever changes you made.

Probably something in your settings really. Did you change any settings with adverts or OOC?
I just started making a darkrp server and this is my first time using lua. And on every server that I've been on. when you do /advert or // it has a prefix.
          example -
          what it should be
typing - /advert mug drop 500 or die
look- [Advert] Cars0nn: mug drop 500 or die (in yellow text)
          what it is on my server
typing  /advert mug drop 1000 or die
look- Cars0nn: mug drop 1000 or die

I've already solved the billboard thing (with 2.7 fix). just no prefix. Help!
Developers Corner / Re: Default access of opposite command
« Last post by iViscosity on Today at 02:46:56 PM »
Right I don't think they're opposites but I wanted them to do the same function. I'll most likely just make another command.
Off-Topic / Some TTT Addons & Server Addons!
« Last post by Gr0m3r on Today at 01:51:06 PM »
This addons are not made by me!
I just start a new topic to help people who wants to create their own TTT server and they looking for addons!
Here are TTT addons, that i'm using on my server:

TTT Spectator Deatchmatch:
Author: Tommy228 & EGM P4sca1

Killer Notifier
Author: Starfox64
It's showing message on chat, when you die. For example:
You were killed by Gr0m3r, he was Innocent.
You were killed by Gr0m3r, he was Traitor.
You were killed by Gr0m3r, he was Detective.
You were killed by world.
It's also supports colors, so when you were killed by traitor Both nick and role are red.
Innocent -Green,Detective - Blue
I saw that someone was looking for that so here it is!

Player Info/Role Counter
Author: Zaratusa
When round starts, it's showing on chat number of Traitors,Innocents,Detectives & Shows when Detective/traitor/Inno switch to spectators or leave game.

TTT Advanced End Round Music
Author: Cobalt

TTT Round End - Slow Motion
Author: Zaratusa
End Round Slow Motion for about 10-15 seconds.

TTT Drowning Indicator
Author: GMN | Moe

Now you will know, when you will be close to drown!
Information: If you are using default HUD it will be at wrong position, but don't worry. Open F1 go to Drowning Indicator or something Like that, after it set X,Y to what you want, and save settings. If you have troubles with that write me, i will help you!

Voice Vizualizer
Author: freakyy

^^In that link is instruction how to set up it for TTT.

TTT Damagelogs +RDM Manager
Author: Tommy228

Map Voting
Author: MiRe
By default it works with TTT and Non-custom deathrun, if you want to using it on other gamemode you have to edit it yourself.

TTT Scoreboard ranks
Author: Decicius

Okey i decided to not writing here all weapons&maps, because it's too much of them.
So here you have Maps&Weapons: (Maps, Weapons for T,D and Innocents), also playermodels for Pointshop (Groot, don't have a ragdoll, so body didn't appear)


And here you have non-TTT server addons:

ULX&ULiB - But i guess everyone know's where to download it :P
Author: Megiddo
If because of addons i will write below, you have 2 windows of Utime type in console utime_enable 0

Author: Bite that Apple
Really helpfull tool, for example you can set up so:
Member rank will be given automaticlly after 5 Hours

Connect/Disconnect Message
Author: Bite That Apple
Shows in chat when player join or leave the server.
And for admins also showing their Steamid.

Chat tags

Author: Bite That Apple

Simply tags for chat, something like that:

Owner | Gr0m3r: Hello
VIP | Gr0m3r: Hi

Easy to edit name&colors.

Tee Load
Author: tasid
Really nice loading screen with admin panel.

LuneraLITE MOTD System
Author: Richard

Simply download it and covert by Gmad converter after it everything is easy to config.
Config file: LuneraLITE MOTD System->lua->lunera->sh->sh_config.lua

Note: If after uploading it to addons folder it won't work, then change main folder name from "LuneraLITE MOTD System" to "lunera".
And disable standard Motd in ULX, because if not, you will be seeing 2 windows with 2 diffrent's MOTD.

And here some, custom commands for ULX:

Respawn command

Code: Lua
  1. local CATEGORY_NAME = "MyULX Stuff"
  3. function ulx.respawn(calling_ply, target_ply)
  4.         if not target_ply:Alive()then
  5.                         target_ply:Spawn()
  6.                         ulx.fancyLogAdmin ( calling_ply, true, "#a respawned #t")
  7.                 end    
  8.         end    
  10.         local respawn = ulx.command ( CATEGORY_NAME, "ulx respawn", ulx.respawn "!respawn", true)
  11.         respawn:addParam{type=Ulib.cmds.PlayerArg}
  12. respawn:defaultAcess( Ulib.ACESS_ADMIN)
  13. respawn:help ("Respawn a Player")

Thirdperson command

Code: Lua
  1. --Thirdperson for ULX working 16 Aug 2014
  2. if ( CLIENT ) then
  4. local on = false -- default off
  6. local function toggle()
  8.         on = !on
  10.         if on == true then
  12.                 print( 'enabled' )
  14.                 LocalPlayer():PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTTALK, "Third person mode enabled." )
  16.         else
  18.                 print( 'disabled')
  20.                 LocalPlayer():PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTTALK, "Third person mode disabled." )
  22.         end
  24. end
  27. hook.Add( "ShouldDrawLocalPlayer", "ThirdPersonDrawPlayer", function()
  29.         if on and LocalPlayer():Alive() then
  31.                 return true
  33.         end
  35. end )
  37. hook.Add( "CalcView", "ThirdPersonView", function( ply, pos, angles, fov )
  39.         if on and ply:Alive() then
  41.                 local view = {}
  42.                 view.origin = pos - ( angles:Forward() * 70 ) + ( angles:Right() * 20 ) + ( angles:Up() * 5 )
  43.                 --view.origin = pos - ( angles:Forward() * 70 )
  44.                 view.angles = ply:EyeAngles() + Angle( 1, 1, 0 )
  45.                 view.fov = fov
  47.                 return GAMEMODE:CalcView( ply, view.origin, view.angles, view.fov )
  49.         end
  51. end )
  53. concommand.Add( "thirdperson_toggle", toggle )

^^^^ Commands goes to: garrysmod->addons->ulx->lua->ulx->modules->sh

Command that open link in tab:


Code: Lua
  1. CATEGORY_NAME = "Link"
  3. // Event
  4. function ulx.event(ply)
  5.     ply:SendLua([[gui.OpenURL("")]])
  6. end
  7. local event = ulx.command( CATEGORY_NAME, "ulx event", ulx.event, "!event" )
  8. event:defaultAccess( ULib.ACCESS_ALL )
  9. event:help( "Information about events!" )
  12. // Update
  13. function ulx.update(ply)
  14.     ply:SendLua([[gui.OpenURL("")]])
  15. end
  16. local update = ulx.command( CATEGORY_NAME, "ulx update", ulx.update, "!update" )
  17. update:defaultAccess( ULib.ACCESS_ALL )
  18. update:help( "Information about server updates!" )
Code: Lua
  1. CATEGORY_NAME = "Category Name"
  3. // Command name <--- Just inormation.
  4. function ulx.cname(ply) <---- Command Name
  5.     ply:SendLua([[gui.OpenURL("Your Link Here")]])
  6. end
  7. local update = ulx.cname( CATEGORY_NAME, "ulx cname", ulx.cname, "!cname" )
  8. cname:defaultAccess( ULib.ACCESS_ALL ) <---- Who has access to this command.
  9. cname:help( "Description of the command here!" )
  11. In every place where i put "cname" you have to replace with your Command Name for exmaple: event,update,website....

Hope that will help you. And like i write early here:
is my collection of addons for my TTT Server.

Probably i forget about something, but that's all for now!
Have a nice day!

Developers Corner / Re: Default access of opposite command
« Last post by JamminR on Today at 01:31:46 PM »
There is no default way in ULib's command setup to do what you ask.
It's usually presumed that if you have access to do a command, you also have access to undo a command.

Two likely option, other than your 'make a different function that references this one with is_force' would be to, within the 'else' statement, check for which groups (operator) you only want to be allowed to do it, or, and I'm really not sure on this one so you'd have to test, deny access to "svc force" for the user group.
I'd really question my latter deny suggestion would work though - I don't think ULib registers the opposite as a command that can be denied like it does the ulx.command line code.

Force and joinchannel are, imo, two totally different commands. You just happen to be combining them.
joining a channel and forcing someone to join a channel are not opposites, imo.
My ULib/ULX versions (run "ulx version" in console):
ULib v2.61d
ULX v3.71

Game mode(s) I am having this problem on: DarkRP

Lua errors shown in console, if any:
Code: [Select]

Hello, I have recently changed the ban message and added some extra text to make it better. Since doing this, the ban list has changed and now there are no names specified, only SteamID's, and all of them say that this ban has no metadata. We do have server backups, so I was wondering what files I would need to replace to fix our ban list and return the names and metadata.

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