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News / Moving GitHub Repository Location
« on: November 14, 2015, 07:56:51 PM »
To better organize our projects and provide a better way to manage updates in the future, we are separating out each of our projects into their own repositories. This will also be helpful for server owners who wish to use Git to update ULX and ULib on their servers. Additionally, we have created an organization on GitHub that will host all of our current and future projects in one central location.

Starting immediately, we will no longer be supplying updates or fixes to the old GitHub repository. We will be removing it at the end of this year, so please get your servers and links updated to the new locations as soon as possible!







All of our projects, bugs and issues, code and commits

News / ULX v3.62 and ULib v2.52 -- Inerrans
« on: March 09, 2015, 09:53:57 PM »
In light of the recent Garry's Mod update, we've decided to package up our latest bugfixes and put out a new release! This should help get the important fixes and new features out to as many users as possible. Our new release have been codenamed "Inerrans".

So what's new? Along with lots of bugfixes and ideas from our community, We've added a couple new commands: "ulx return" will return a target to their previous position after a teleport, and "ulx stopvote" will stop a vote that's currently in process. Additionally, if you try to run a command with a partial name of a player that matches multiple users, a list of those users will be presented to you to help you find your target.

XGUI's ban menu got an overhaul- ban information is now shown in pages, and we've added better search, filtering, AND sorting options! The ban information is longer downloaded to each admin on join- instead, the ban data is only requested when needed to avoid lag spikes.

Check out the full changelog below:

Quote from: ULib changelog
* [ADD] Admin parameter to ULib.unban for overriding purposes (Thanks for the idea, MStruntze).
* [ADD] A list of players is presented when a target string for getUser matches more than one player (Thanks, RhapsodySL).
* [FIX] ULib.ucl.registerAccess not allowing an access tag to be registered to no groups.
* [FIX] Several incorrect file I/O calls (Thanks, Q4-Bi).
* [FIX] Hook priority being messed up for parent hook when hooks are called recursively (Thanks, NoBrainCZ).
* [FIX] Some fiddly-bits with group case-sensitivity (Thanks, BryanFlannery).
* [CHANGE] hook.Run to match Garry's changes.
* [CHANGE] ULib.HOOK_LOCALPLAYERREADY is now called on InitPostEntity instead of OnEntCreate.

Quote from: ULX changelog
* [ADD] "ulx return" to return target to previous location they were in before a teleport command was used (Thanks for the idea, ludalex).
* [ADD] Networked variables for gimp, mute, and gag (Thanks iSnipeu).
* [ADD] XGUI: Added more sorting and filtering options for bans.
* [ADD] "ulx stopvote" to stop a vote currently in progress (Thanks, LuaTenshi).
* [ADD] XGUI: Added "onClose" event for modules that need it. (Suggested by arduinium).
* [FIX] Ban reason and the person who started the voteban is now reported in "ulx voteban" bans (Thanks iSnipeu).
* [FIX] An API change causing an error to be thrown at the end of "ulx maul" (Thanks Decicus).
* [FIX] NULL entity error after votekick on a player that left the server, now sends message stating that votekicked player already left.
* [FIX] PlayerDeath hook errors in certain gamemodes where invalid entites are sent as the killer or victim. (Thanks Mechanical Mind).
* [FIX] JailTP command now saves last player position, now works with "ulx return". (Thanks jakej78b).
* [FIX] XGUI: Slider label widths were extra large due to a slight change in default numslider behavior. (Thanks Fuzzik).
* [FIX] Garry's Mod update caused users to be banned faster than expected, log then incorrectly stated that (Console) was banned.
* [FIX] Garry's Mod update prevented votebans from working.
* [FIX] Garry's Mod update caused server crash when kicking/banning yourself via chat command.
* [FIX] Bug with spectate and respawning (Thanks Sjokomelk).
* [FIX] Bug when changing weapons while cloaked, weapons would stay invisible after uncloaking. (Thanks Z0mb1n3).
* [FIX] Could not assign BOTs to groups via ulx adduserid or XGUI. (Thanks RhapsodySL).
* [FIX] Fixed bug where XGUI would not start on dev branch of Garry's Mod. Changed to init on ULib.HOOK_LOCALPLAYERREADY instead of ULib.HOOK_UCLAUTH.
* [FIX] MOTD not enabled message would display for all players instead of the player who tried to open the motd. (Thanks TheClonker).
* [CHANGE] "PlayerSay" hooks are now only called serverside. (Thanks NoBrainCZ).
* [CHANGE] Logging now prints how long a user took to join the server.
* [CHANGE] XGUI: Updated cvarlist for sandbox and wiremod limits.
* [CHANGE] XGUI: Many Ban menu improvements. Entire banlist is no longer sent on join- data subset is now requested by the client and sent from the server.
* [CHANGE] XGUI: Ban list is now paginated instead of a giant scrollable list.
* [CHANGE] XGUI: ULX Bans and other (or "Source Bans") are no longer separated.
* [CHANGE] ULX vote variable is now global so other addons can tell if a vote is in progress. ulx.doVote() also returns whether or not it actually started a vote (Thanks for the ideas, arduinium).
* [CHANGE] XGUI: Changed gamemode dropdown on maps tab to honor player/group restrictions. (Thanks chaos12135).

You can find these releases at our homepage. Enjoy!

News / Garry's Mod Update and XGUI not working -- 3/9/2015
« on: March 09, 2015, 11:14:55 AM »
A lot of people have been posting about issues with the recent Garry's Mod update and XGUI not opening. Everything is currently fixed and working fine on our development version of ULX, and we will be putting out a new release version as soon as we can.

If you need the fix immediately, please download the latest copy of ULX and ULib from our GitHub page, or via SVN.

General Chat & Help and Support / XGUI Ban menu update
« on: August 09, 2014, 08:13:21 PM »
Hey guys,

I've just committed an update to XGUI that drastically improves the Ban menu! The major changes involve no longer sending the entire ban list to admins on join (will reduce network usage on server start), along with more sorting and filter options, as well as ban pagination to prevent needing to scroll through a potentially very long list.

Additionally, the old "Source Bans" list that pulled incomplete bans (usually from banned_users.cfg) has been merged into the master ban list, and can be filtered via the "Incomplete" filter. Details on an "incomplete" ban can be seen in the second screenshot.


Update your SVN or download the new code from the repository, and let me know if you run into any issues/bugs or notice a significant improvement in performance.


General Chat & Help and Support / ULX and upper-cased group names
« on: July 23, 2014, 12:33:55 AM »
I just pushed a commit today that fixes some issues with having upper-cased group names, which I thought we didn't support, but.. we changed it for a reason I can't seem to remember right now. :P

This change affects the targeting system (group names are now case-sensitive) and access tags (no longer forced to be fully lower-cased). I'm pretty sure there should be no side effects, but, please test these systems for me and report any new problems you come across.

Thanks! :)

News / ULX 3.54 released, New RSS link!
« on: April 27, 2012, 08:39:33 PM »
We have pushed ULX 3.54 containing a single bugfix preventing a crash. Apparently something changed in the latest Garry's Mod update, and now the function crashes if it's fed a time value too large. This crash would occur only to admins who had access to the XGUI ban menu on servers with at least one ban that had an unban time greater than 32535244799 seconds (or about 1,031.69 years).

Additionally, our website has been slightly updated with some minor aesthetic changes (mostly that the tabs at the top are now actually tabs!) We have also added a link to feedburner via the icon on the news tab, where you can subscribe via RSS to receive our latest news updates.

FAQs / How exactly does can_target work?
« on: July 22, 2011, 02:11:10 PM »
is there a way to block [players] from using the commands on all higher groups BUT still be able to use it own members in their group?

This is a snippet from a forum post where I helped someone with can_target. Hopefully you will also find it useful!

Say you had the following groups: superadmin, admin, operator, users
If you want each group to target their own group and any groups under them, you'd set their can_target to be this:

superadmin: *  (or leave blank)
admin: !%superadmin
operator: !%admin
user: !%operator

To explain, the ! means not, % means group followed by the group name. So you can really just say it out loud for it to make sense:
'ulx setgroupcantarget operator "!%admin"' means "operator can target NOT group admin"   (This also means they can't target superadmins, because the superadmin group inherits from admin)

So, to solve the problem above, you would do: "ulx setgroupcantarget mod !%mod,^"  This means "mod can target NOT group mod, can target self"  (The comma basically just adds another separate parameter)

Update regarding Inheritance and branching:

With the inheritance system, it is possible to create multiple branches of inheritance. This is a VERY advanced functionality, and the only real benefit it provides is being able to more easily set different sets of permissions for different "branches" of groups. In all reality, there's a 99% chance you don't need to do it this way. You can accomplish a similar thing by creating a linear inheritance branch, then just deny the permissions you don't want the higher groups to have.

If you do decide to go the inheritance branch route, you'll need to set up can_target values manually. I'll quote what I said from a different thread about the subject:

Right now, your tree looks like this (in wonderful ASCII form):

moderator <- donoradmin <- trialstaff <- donormod <- legacy <- trusted <- regular \
                                                                                                                       > user
                                                                                     superadmin <- admin  /

So, when you specify that "donormod" can_target "!%trialstaff", you're saying "donormod can't target trialstaff or any group that inherits from it", meaning donoradmin and moderator. This does NOT say anything about the superadmin and admin groups, which are on a different branch. Unfortunately, due to how the , operator works (as a Union), setting the can_target to "!%trialstaff,!%admin", or even "!%trialstaff,!#superadmin,!#admin" will NOT work like you think it would.

The only benefit branching provides is if you have completely different sets of command accesses you want to give to each branch, say, if you wanted to give moderators something you didn't want to give admins. Still, this can be also solved by using "ulx groupdeny" to prevent a group from inheriting access from a lower command.

So if you want to keep the branching, you'll have to go through each can_target and manually specify the groups you want them to target. donormod's can_target would become: "#legacy,#trusted,#regular,#user" (Needless to say, ULX's targeting system wasn't quite designed to handle this kind of complicated inheritance targeting, Megiddo has mentioned it in other threads.)

Developers Corner / UNote
« on: July 21, 2011, 01:14:07 PM »
So I'm finally getting my ideas down for this project idea I've had for a while. It'll probably be called UNote!

UNote will have the following properties:
  • Ability to send announcements to other admins in the server (It will show a notification message to admins until they have opened the message)
  • Ability to add a note about a player. (ie: I could add a note for Megiddo that says "This player hasn't done anything kick/ban-worthy, but he keeps mauling me!")
  • Support for giving players warnings.
  • View log-style events of when kicks/bans/warnings were given
  • Categorized views will show only events/messages of a certain type.
  • A filter with results counter so you can easily count how many times xx has occured in the current categorized view, or to view all events relating to a player/admin.
  • Quick access to connected players to view any important notes regarding them.
  • (Optional) When a player joins, notify admins on how many kicks/bans/warnings/player notes they have received!
  • SQL support-- will probably support both MySQL and SQLLite.
  • Along with SQL support, this will (hopefully) be able to update real-time across multiple servers.
  • Integrated within XGUI! :D (of course)

MSPaint example layout screenshot!

So I think this will be a tough project, but should be very useful to all server administrators. It's still in the very planning stages, so now is the time to let me know if you guys have any suggestions for features I could add, or layout changes I should make. I'm still trying to figure out the best way in which you can pull up a steamID/player name and view their overall statistics (kicks/bans/warnings/notes), even when offline.

Each "Note" would consist of the following data: Date, Type, PlayerID, AdminID, Subject, Body

Let me know what you think!

News / ULX 3.51 -- Potato, slightly peeled
« on: May 13, 2011, 09:45:50 PM »
Of course, right after Megiddo packages and releases ULX 3.50, I find several minor but somewhat annoying bugs in XGUI. As JamminR says: "Potato had a bad spot...we cut it out."

Hope you guys enjoy this new release with XGUI!


Quote from: ULX changelog
v3.51 - *(05/14/11)*
* [FIX] XGUI: Votemaps and kick/ban reasons not getting refreshed properly.
* [FIX] XGUI: Ban menu was incorrectly visible to everyone.

News / XGUI is now officially included in the ULX SVN!
« on: January 11, 2011, 11:49:03 PM »
It is my pleasure to announce that we have now finally included XGUI into the latest SVN revision of ULX! The old ULX menus have been completely removed last SVN update, and I think it's safe to say that XGUI is now considered to be the *official* GUI for ULX!

I have been working on XGUI for about a year and a half now (on and off), and I am very excited to have reached this milestone! :D There is still a bit of work left to do before XGUI is in its first releasable state. Once we are there, I have ideas for several features I would like to add afterwards, so I should be sticking around for a while!

I will be still updating the XGUI thread with changelogs, helping with bugs, and listening to requests. However, the old XGUI git repository will no longer be updated, and all changes to XGUI shall be pushed directly to the ULX SVN. Please note that if you had XGUI installed as an addon beforehand, then you should remove it as it may cause conflicts with future XGUI updates. Don't worry-- if you forget to do this, XGUI will be displaying a lot of very noticeable warnings reminding you to! ;)

I'm always open for bug reports and feedback on the XGUI Forum Thread!

General Chat & Help and Support / *Possible* chance of UClip being fixed?
« on: September 14, 2010, 10:48:37 AM »
So Garry is using Google moderator to take requests on what people would like to see fixed/added/etc. in gmod. I decided to create a suggestion addressing the exact problem that is preventing UClip from working properly.

Hopefully, if this gets enough attention, the issue will be resolved and lots of people will be happy!

If not, then we'll have to wait till one of us gets enough free time to code our own noclip movement system, then lots of people will be happy! (Except us, the developers.)


XGUI is a GUI for ULX which is easy to use, very intuitive, always provides 100% updated information, is modular for additional content, and will include EVERY feature ULX has to offer. This will become the official GUI for ULX, and has replaced the current menus.

<a href=";hl=en&amp;fs=1" target="_blank" class="new_win">;hl=en&amp;fs=1</a>

The Modules
Here are the individual modules and the information about them:

Players Module:

This module is designed to provide admins/nonadmins with access to commands they can use. Designed to flow easily between commands and arguments, and adds shortcuts for quick command-execution!

Groups Module:

This module is designed to allow admins to easily add/remove groups, set/remove users to various groups, set user/group command restrictions and access tags, as well as manage UTeam teams and modifiers, and assign groups to teams.

Maps Module:

This module is designed for admins to view server maps, and perform a yes/no vote to change to a specific map, or to perform a multiple-map vote. Users can also access this to see which maps on the server are voteable, and to start a votemap for any available maps.

Settings Module:

This module is designed for users to modify XGUI settings or any client-side settings. Admins will be able to change gamemode-specific settings and limits, change any XGUI-specific settings, and set ULX specific settings, including adding/removing gimps and adverts on the fly. All settings changed should be instantaneous, and others should see the changes you make in realtime!

Bans Module:

This module is designed to allow admins to quickly view bans on their server, as well as provide very specific details about bans when requested. It also allows to ban players in the server, or ban offline players by their STEAMID. You can also change the name/reason of a ban when needed. You can also view bans that were imported from the Source Engine (banned via banid), and move them over to ULX if needed.

Logs Module:
This module will allow an easily viewable log showing chat, PMs, ULX commands, server output, and other various important console information. This log will be filterable, so you will be able to quickly show only the information you want to look up.
TODO: This entire module!  :o

Progress Bar:

XGUI features a progress bar to view when data is being received from the server, and if data is currently being processed on the clients end! (Usually only shows up for a split second, but, useful for large ban files and possible log features later)

Download, Instructions, and Usage
XGUI is now included with ULX SVN by default! Please make sure you have the latest version from the following thread:,3092.0.html

To view an official TODO list/bug list, please go here:

Once installed, you can activate XGUI by the following methods:
To toggle xgui (recommended):
-Bind a key to "xgui" OR
-Bind a key to "xgui toggle"

To show xugi:
-Say "!xgui" in chat OR
-Bind a key to "xgui show"

To hide xgui:
-Click the 'x' button at the top-right of the screen OR
-Bind a key to "xgui hide"

To open a specific tab in xgui:
-Say "!xgui bans" in chat OR
-Bind a key to "xgui show bans"
(where bans can be any tab name such as cmds, groups, maps, settings, bans, etc.)

To open the quick ban window:
-Say "!xban" in chat, or specify a partial player name to automatically pull up their info in the ban window.
-Say "!fban <player>" in chat with a partial player name to freeze the player while you specify a ban reason and time.

Enjoy! Let me know of any bugs you come across, or any suggestions you might have! :D

Code: [Select]
9/21/2011 (rev 188)
+Added: Double click on a player on the commands tab to execute the command.

9/03/2011 (rev 187)
*Changed: Lowered sending priority of users data.
=Fixed: Optimized client-side processing of incoming users data.
=Fixed: Optimized frequency of gui updates regarding users data.

7/29/2011 (rev 186)
*Changed: Uteam code optimizations
=Fixed: Players' UTeam parameters now update properly when their group is changed by addons that call ULib's addUser/removeUser functions directly.
=Fixed: In the groups menu, when selecting a player and clicking "change", the list of groups was not in inherited-based order.
=Fixed: Users table was pointlessly being sent when a groups inheritance was changed.

7/22/2011 (rev 185)
*Changed: Modifying UTeam settings is now disabled on non sandbox-derived gamemodes
*Changed: Serverside xgui.removeData much more more robust.
=Fixed: UTeam information would be lost when changing UTeam settings on non sandbox-derived gamemodes
=Fixed: DNumberWangs on color panels being extra long (due to garry update?)
=Fixed: ULib team data not sent after making changes to teams.
=Fixed: Users in the groups tab were not being updated when a group was removed and users in that group were moved to a new group.
=Fixed: Issue where a group's team wasn't getting unassigned when the unassigned team had no more groups associated with it.

5/18/2011 (rev 180)
=Fixed: Non-harmful Lua error occuring during data transfer when running XGUI on a non-sandbox game mode. (Thanks Synergy Connections!)

5/18/2011 (rev 179)
+Added several XGUI customization options--
   +You can change the order of the main tabs and settings tabs in XGUI.
   +You can now set the position of XGUI (and set an x/y offset for even more precise placement)
   +You can now change the default open/close animations from fade in/out to sliding from any side of the screen.

5/18/2011 (rev 178)
+Added: XLIB: Additional control layout for xlib.makecolorpicker with alphabar.
*Changed: XGUI module now the "Clientside Settings Module", which now contains the XGUI settings.
=Fixed: Selected svsetting/clsetting modules no longer close when XGUI modules get reprocessed.

5/17/2011 (rev 177)
*Changed: Groups on the groups module load regardless of whether XGUI was able to recieve data from server or not.
*Changed: Optimized sending of ULib users data-- Only sends the data when it needs to (no longer on UCLChanged), and when changed, only sends the updated info.
=Fixed: Rare error causing votemap settings to not load properly (which was previously fixable after a mapchange)
=Fixed: The button for scrolling through tab names of settings modules (if there were too many) was being obscured by the close button. (Thanks [eVo]Lead4u!)
-Removed: xgui_oldcheck.lua (No longer checks for a pre-svn version of XGUI installed.)

5/14/2011 (rev 176)
=Changed: Added a data chunksize to users to help alleviate some major lag issues on servers with large users lists.
=Fixed: Error caused when a bans unban time was changed, causing the ban to expire.
=Fixed: Adding details to SBans would throw an error on server, wouldn't refresh on clients properly.
=Fixed: Expired bans were not removing themselves from the client lists.
=Fixed: Somehow managed to duplicate the entire bans module code within the same file. X|

5/14/2011 (RELEASE ULX v3.51)
=Fixed: Votemaps and kick/ban reasons were not getting refreshed properly.
=Fixed: Ban menu was visible to all players (but not all players could see bans)

5/13/2011 (RELEASE ULX v3.50)
*Changed: UTeam minimum run/walk speed to be 1 (0 has no effect)
*Changed: UTeam default jump value to 200-- Gmod reports 160 as being default, but when set to 160, it's too low. 200 Represents the default value.
=Fixed: Multi-choice Cvars (i.e. ulx_logEcho) randomly show "Invalid Convar Value" in XGUI after startup.
=Fixed: XGUI wouldn't send data to clients who were connected, banned, unbanned, and rejoined in the same server session.
=Fixed: Errors when running ulx adduser, ulx removeuser, and a few other ulx commands with no parameters specified.
=Fixed: Warning when trying to add/remove a bot's group from XGUI-- use ulx adduser/ulx removeuser via console instead.

=Fixed: Major bug that prevented xgui from loading on clients (Thanks Solonari!)
=Fixed: Minor bug that threw a lua error when _xgui command was run with no parameters

=Fixed: Groups module not showing admins added via garry's users.txt
=Fixed: Could not update adverts
=Fixed: XGUI and related commands are now listed on ulx help
=Fixed: Some XGUI accesses (like xgui_gmsettings) were not showing in the permissions menu.
=Fixed: The transparancy on the infobar was incorrect when loading color settings from clientside file.
=Fixed: Minor issues relating to some data transfers being sent too early.
*Changed: Minor code optimizations

=Fixed an issue where xgui would not be able to properly get its installed status.
=Fixed an occasional error with votemaps throwing an error on startup.

+Added: Safety check: XGUI shows a warning when you are about to remove access to xgui_managegroups, or ulx groupallow, ulx userdeny, etc. from yourself.
+Added: Serverside XGUI code is now modular!
+Added: "xgui xban" and "xgui fban" are now console commands.
+Added: XGUI command info to ulx help
*Changed: You can now fully edit bans and change the name, reason, and ban length all from one window!
*Changed: Added automatic word-wrapping to a few more places.
*Changed: Ban details window now updates when changes to the ban is made.
*Changed: Ban details window stays open when you click "edit bans"
*Changed: Merged sv_ulx.lua into server.lua
*Changed: Major backend overhaul adding modularity support for server-side code and improved client-side modules.
*Changed: Split xgui_server.lua into seperate files on a per-module basis.
*Changed: Backend code modularizing xgui "datatypes", changed backend data transfers, and data updating functionality.
=Fixed: Small bug where the "Apply Restrictions" button had the wrong label in certain circumstances.
=Fixed: Source Engine bans are now showing up again!
=Fixed: Bug when trying to edit UTeam parameters that were loaded from empty_teams.txt
=Fixed: XLIB: Label wouldn't properly accept the width parameter.

+Added: Finished the restrictions! You can now view and edit any group's per-command per-argument restrictions.
+Added: Any commands with restrictions show up as orange
+Added: XGUI console command now has autocomplete features (Thanks Megiddo!)
+Added: "xgui show <tabname>" or "!xgui <tabname>" now allows you to specify the name of a settings tab. i.e. ("xgui show sandbox")
+Added: New color picker that no longer uses convars! No longer requires inclusion of Garry's CtrlColor.lua file.
+Added: You can now set the colors of TSay Event Echoes in the Settings->Server->Command/Event Echoes module!
=Fixed: "!xgui" and "!menu" chat commands no longer require access to the "ulx help" tag in order to work.
=Fixed: "xgui show <tabname>" or "!xgui <tabname>" were not working.
=Fixed: Using "xgui show <tabname>" or "!xgui <tabname>" on a tab you didn't have access to would throw an error.
=Fixed: DCheckBoxes being disabled before they had been initally drawn wouldn't show up properly. (Removed lots of hackish workarounds to prevent this from earlier)
=Fixed: Ban details window wouldn't display reason in a tooltip.
=Fixed: Some string arguments were not receiving the correct restrictions in the cmds tab.
*Changed: xgui close concommand changed to xgui hide!
*Changed: You can now close sliding panels by deselecting the selected item in the list. (e.g. deselecting a command in the Cmds tab)
*Changed: You can now close the teams/access menus by clicking the Manage Teams/Permissions buttons a second time.

=Fixed: setcantarget field is now applied when creating a new group. (Thanks Aaron113!)
=Fixed: Bug where having a player selected in the groups tab would throw an error whenever players/groups/etc. were updated.
=Fixed: Errors when removing a group that was assigned to a team-- It now properly sets the team of any players affect by the group removal.
*Changed: Groups management window (add/remove/rename etc.) is now more user-friendly!

+Added: Cvars in the ULX General Settings module for ULX's auto name-changing kicker
+Added: Option to enable/disable colored TSay echoes
+Added: "ulx menu" console command now opens XGUI.
=Fixed: Changing the inheritance of a group wouldn't properly update the list of groups
=Fixed: Minor animation bugs
=Fixed: Sometimes ULX user data was being sent twice to admins
=Fixed: UTeam modifiers would stick after moving from one team to another via changing group.
=Fixed: Animation bug when switching the sliding panels quickly in the Settings->Server module.
=Fixed: Player list in cmds module and groups module now update players with name changes
=Fixed: Groups module player list now updates when players join/leave
=Fixed: Errors when trying to run XGUI on singleplayer or listen server

*Changed: Now included with the ULX SVN!
+Added: Extra file to check if users have XGUI installed with the SVN AND as a seperate addon, and then send them rather large warnings.

+Added: (Thanks to ULX) Support for adding/removing default kick/ban reasons!
+Added: (Thanks to ULX) You are now able to enable/disable the TSay event colors in the Settings->Server->Command/Event Echos module.
*Changed: Creating a new team now creates them as New_Team, New_Team1, New_Team2, etc.. in case of attempting to create a team that already exists.
*Changed: Updated layout of command restrictions.
=Fixed: Sandbox limits now (finally) work in the event that is down and cannot retrieve the most recent list.
=Fixed: Issues with cvar controls within XGUI were not being updated when changed, nor were they having any effect when changed.
=Fixed: Ban menus and !xban now function properly if the player has access to ulx ban, but not ulx banid.
=Fixed: Empty tooltip showing on the ban details page if no reason was shown.

+Added: XLIB: Added a simple wordwrap ability to labels and tooltips. Now used on adverts and ban reasons/names on the ban details window. (Thanks Megiddo!)
+Added: XLIB: DCollapsableCategories can now have a checkbox on the header.
*Changed: Adverts menu updated!
-Now updated to work with new ULX changes!
-TSay adverts can now have color.
-No longer requires you to combine adverts to make a new group.
--Advert groups can be created by simply making an advert and specifying a nonexistant group.
-Reselects the last advert selected when making changes.
-All non-grouped adverts are sorted alphabetically, as are the group names.
-Adverts can now be reordered within a group, and can even change groups.
-Overall easier, faster, and less cumbersome to use, with better code!
*Changed: Some minor code cleanup!
*Changed: View Source Bans button is always enabled regardless of if there are sourcebans or not.
=Fixed: Temporary bans were not being removed from the banlist after expiring.
=Fixed: Buttons and controls in the Source Bans window now become disabled properly if they won't do anything.
=Fixed: The ban player window now only hides the close button when someone has been frozen.
=Fixed: XGUI no longer tries to use freezeban if you don't have access to ulx freeze.
=Fixed: All SourceBans are now recieved properly (used to only get 25 of them).
=Fixed: XLIB: DMultiChoices wouldn't be properly disabled when created.
=Fixed: Sandbox CVar limits wouldn't be properly retrieved/loaded in some rare scenarios.
=Fixed: Rare errors with the color controls not working, along with "Unknown Command: colour_r"
=Fixed: ULX motd values weren't showing up properly on server join.

+Added: Add Ban window now warns when invalid ID/name was entered.
=Fixed: XGUI breaking when ULX SVN revision number didn't get retrieved.
=Fixed: Name of ban always showed <Unknown> on the ban details window.
=Fixed: Banning with an offline SteamID now properly sets the name of the banned player if set.
Thanks Aaron113!

*Changed: Infobar now shows the ULX SVN revision number!
=Fixed: XGUI errors when number cvars like ulx_logEcho were set to a string value.
=Fixed: The animation clip panel for the command restrictions was starting out as visible, so mouse input was ignored on half of the UTeam settings panel.

+Added: Initial implementation of command string restrictions! (Animations, layout.. mostly just placeholders for now)
=Fixed: Bug where XGUI would show an error if the user attempted to open it before it was fully initialized.
=Fixed: Bug where cmds module would break if a ULX command existed with a numArg that didn't have a default set.
=Fixed: Bug where XGUI would throw errors and wouldn't show accesses for commands that were Uncategorized.
=Fixed: Minor bug dealing with a miscapitalized cvar
=Fixed: Access data (group, restriction data) was sometimes returning incorrect values. This did not cause any bugs.
*Changed: Slight changes in code dealing with ULX replicated convars.

=Fixed: Textboxes for gimps and adverts couldn't be modified.
=Fixed: Derma popup menus now close when XGUI is closed.

+Added: Implemeneted new animation system
--Animations can now be TRUELY disabled
--Much more reliable
--Centralizes much of the animation code, less code for the individual modules.

*Changed: Individual modules are no longer "popped up" on top of the XGUI base-
--Removed lots of hackish code because of it.
--Textboxes still work!

=Fixed: Mouse control is lost as soon as the user closes XGUI, not after the animation fadeout finishes.
=Fixed: XGUI now accurately shows ULX/ULib version numbers.

|Commands Module|
=Fixed: Boolean arguments using a textbox didn't return the correct value.
=Fixed: Animation glitches caused when multiple animation chains are triggered while an animation is running.
=Fixed: Other random animation glitches
=Fixed: Losing access to a selected command is now handled properly.
*Changed: The playerlist is now accurately refreshed when players join/leave.
*Changed: The no longer resets itself completely when players join/leave.
*Changed: Selecting a new command will remember your player selection and will open the argslist if needed.

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