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Title: adding or suggesting a reconnect command please help
Post by: [IFN] Maddoxtheco [A] on June 10, 2020, 12:14:56 PM
I have a server that i made that i use for testing my coding lua skills and play with friends and some times i want to reconnect them with a command but I can not seem to find anyhelp with it. I know that some darkrp servers like icefuse, elite, etc have something like that and i just want that on my server any ideas?
Update: I have now taken to see if i can make the command my self by taking the IP of the server a bunch of times and if there the same everytime than that means that i can just take the connect IP command and turn that into a command.

update 2 i have been trying for the like two hours and so far nothing so i am now leaving it up to someone to see if there can help me or make the command as I have been searchinh on google also and nothing that seems right is showing.