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Title: ULX v3.71 and ULib 2.61
Post by: Megiddo on May 22, 2016, 11:41:49 AM
We at Team Ulysses are excited to announce the latest releases of ULX and ULib. This is on track with our promise to make bug-fix releases more frequently.

Check out the full changelog below:

Quote from: ULib changelog
* [FIX] NPCs loading from saves (Thanks, GamingStudios1029).
* [FIX] Many issues with secondsToStringTime (Thanks, fruitwasp).

Quote from: ULX changelog
* [FIX] Reading information from corrupted addons (Thanks, Jindego).
* [FIX] XGUI showing all commands if the UCL contained an empty string (Thanks, Steven).

You can find these releases at our homepage (http://ulyssesmod.net). Workshop users will automatically update to these new versions.